Wednesday, March 30, 2011

OPTIONS!! =) for Stephanie lol

Well, we go to our 2nd colors meeting this morning. We're having a mini monsoon. lol It's POURING!! Thundering. Lightning. And Sara Bean (my 21 month old...her nick name is keeps saying "uh oh" every time it thunders. It's so cute.

So anyway, we are going to this meeting and need to figure out how to spend the free upgrade money. Stephanie was sweet to suggest some things on one of my entries. (several of you suggested the morning room. I think we're a go here! lol) Here is a list of what we have so far.

the * is for things we are considering added today


Here is a list of every option we added:

Elevation L: cottage look

Cherry Bordeaux cabinets
42" Cabinets
* Morning Room (which would up the square footage from 2524 to 2688 sq ft)
*Gourmet Island
Granite (santa cecelia)
Kitchen floor upgrade (which also covers mud room & powder room Oh...if we get the morning room, that will the up price....oh well. lol)
Two recessed lights over sink/bar (I enjoy having a florescent light in the kitchen to SEE what I'm cooking. I don't have one where we are renting and NEVER AGAIN will I go without. But some extra lighting here would be nice.)

14x20 (14 ft out and 20 ft long...bigger than a morning room. Great for cookouts...patio furniture, fire pit, grill, ect.)

Upgraded to 8" padding
Upgraded to Level II carpet (throughout home)
2 recessed lights above fire place

Other Downstairs Options:
Wood Laminate in the hall
Extended wood to cover whole hall until the den
Living room converted to study
8" padding in study (play room for kids)
Banister vs. wall

*(we did not upgrade the padding in the dining room. We do have the upgraded carpet and may put an area rug in there anyway. It's a room that is rarely used. That was our thinking. But, we may upgrade now with this extra money)

Hall Bath Upgrades:
Cherry Spice cabinets
2nd sink (I have 3 girls. The 2nd sink is must!)

Master Bath Upgrades:
Cherry Spice cabinets
Deluxe master bath upgrade
Upgraded flooring
Corner caddie in shower

4th bedroom, no loft

Other Upgrades:
Gas Water Heater
2 flood lights out back
5 Ceiling fan rough ins (all four bedrooms and the den)
1 light pre-wire rough in (study)
*Pull down completed attic
*Completed garage you can see, we already had a TON of options. The morning room and Island I think will take up most of the money. But we still have some left. Hoping for the finished garage (still don't know price, but will at the meeting) and the attic.

No sure what to do about lighting in the kitchen either. Gonna have to talk to her about that one.


  1. Hey you have a pic of the patio? like maybe one from the model? I wish we had the option of getting one....we will have to wait for ours.. :)

  2. Sorry India. I don't! We custom designed it. We wanted a nice sized one. This one would have taken up most of the back of our home. But now that we are getting the morning room, we may need to re-do this.

    They don't give decks here, unless you have a basement or *upgraded lot*. They do patios @ $6 a sq ft. Cheaper than we could have it done on our own. So we want to make it one we'll enjoy. =) But I'll be sure to post a pic of it for you once it's poured! ;)

  3. The patio is awesome I did not realize you can custom design it. Whoo hoo for the ceiling fan rough ins. We are having 5 rough ins 4 for all the bedroom upstairs and one for the morning room. My husband really wanted the living room converted to a study we had a couple of arguments about that LOL but I won to leave it as it is and eventually I would like it to have a music room. Maybe put a piano there down the road.

    I am sooo glad you are getting the recess lights for the fireplace! =)

    Wow you do have a big house attic, 2nd floor, 1st floor and basement. Your house is going to be fabulous. Now the fun starts.

  4. I wanted to add that I think its so cute how your daughter says uh-ho my little one is starting to say that a LOT! =)