Friday, March 25, 2011

Flooring Meeting *pics added

We went to the flooring meeting today. WOW. Lots of changes!!

We decided to upgrade the cabinets in both the master bath and the upstairs hall bath to the Wyoming Cherry Spice. We upgraded the flooring in the master bath and the kitchen/mudroom/powder room downstairs.

We also stayed with the laminate wood in the hall downstairs/entry area, vs. real hard wood. I have 3 kids (almost 2, 6, and 9...YOUNG)and a dog. Not to mention my 2 nieces who visit. The laminate may not be AS pretty, but it has a better warranty, is scratch and dent resistant, and has a moisture lock....great for slabs! Not to mention, cheaper. lol =) And we also extended it all the way down the hall passed the stairs to the den. The warranty on it is outstanding as well. Pretty much only thing it doesn't cover is scratches from dragging heavy appliances across it. =D

We upgraded the padding in the Den and Study (which is really the playroom for the kids) to 8" padding. These rooms being used the most, and on slab, it just made sense. The dining room is rarely used so we didn't worry to much about it.

We also upgraded to Level II carpet throughout the house(she assured us doing this would help with stairs and upstairs, so we didn't upgrade padding there).

Now, as far as carpet and padding go, if you haven't already picked these out here is some information for you:
~ The house comes with standard 5" padding. The first upgrade is 6", the second is 8".
~ The house comes with basic carpet choices, then Level I, then Level II, and so on.
The Level II carpet we got comes treated for stains, including pet urine, and has a 10 year warranty!! Holds up better too, with a thicker bottom to it as well(thus not worried about the extra padding upstairs. Plus, that part is NOT on the slab).

And the best part, was that baby bean (my 21 month old toddler) was an ANGEL!! She did great! Better than I had ever expected. And we got the whole thing done in under an hour and half! =)

I will try to get some pictures downloaded if I can tonight.


DOWNSTAIRS FLOORING:carpet, hall wood laminate, and kitchen/mud/powderroom

ALL CHOICES: Same carpet against hall bath/laundry laminate, then our bath, then kitchen and arrow points to hall downstairs

Edited to say: After posting the pics, I gotta say, I'm not thrilled with how they turned out. Everything looked so much better at the distribution warehouse. =(


  1. How exciting. You provided great info. I learned a lot.

  2. I'm renting a house on a slab me...UPGRADE THE CARPET PADDING!!! The floor is FREEZING!!! We even did a test and put a temperature gauge ON the thermastat, and then on the kitchen table. Everything was fine. We then put it on the floor it dropped 9 degrees!!!

    Granted, this house is 10 years old ... but ... when your house is 10 yrs old, you don't want your feet to be freezing (or any little ones down on that level you may have or are over visiting, or pets at that level). The winters make the floor so cold. And I'm in the South!!! So if you can, upgrade the padding. It will help insulate the floor and protect your carpet a bit better as well.

  3. *it was on the floor in the den, not the kitchen

  4. Everything looks great! I also felt disappointed when I looked at the pictures from our selections. I think the camera just doesn't do the samples justice...but remember you're going to be living with them in person (not through a camera lens and flash) so I'm sure everything will be just like you hope when it's installed :-)