Friday, March 18, 2011

*Deep Breath, Exhale*

*deep breath, exhale, deep breath, exhale*

We submitted a loan app today to a credit union who flat out told us they don't care about the b/k or the possible foreclosure (still not sure what's up with all that). They just care that we learned out lesson (um....YEAH!!!). They said to submit the app and we'd have an answer Monday. *deep breath, exhale*

This loan would put our house payment LESS than what we are paying in rent! And that's with NO money down!!! So about $115 month less than what all the other loans were saying. *deep breath, exhale*

Trying not to get to excited. *deep breath, exhale* Trying to stay calm. It's hard. I think this will be the longest weekend of my life.


  1. Yes, options are good. Please please update as soon as you hear something. You're in our prayers.

  2. Wow! I'll be eager to hear. Good luck!

  3. Fingers and toes still crossed for you. Everyone, keep those prayers coming.

  4. Wow, Monday is tomorrow so please do keep us updated. I am dying myself to find out what happens. That is pretty sweet with the lower mortgage payment. Keep hanging in there. :)