Friday, March 4, 2011

Tick Tock

So we put in an official offer on Wednesday. We were told we "should" have an answer by yesterday. I got a call at about 7:45 last night. The rep told us to we would have our answer sometime this morning (I'm taking that to mean before lunch).

The way I see it is this: If they were going to accept our offer, we would have heard yesterday. But we knew that was "slim-to-none" chance. But we made an offer that let them know a few things they could keep in mind when they countered. You know?

I think it's taking them a bit longer (meaning more than the usual 24 hours we were told it takes) because they are working on their counter. I can only HOPE it means that they have gotten the clue and are trying to make their money, while still trying to sell the house to us (not scare us away so to speak). They need to decided where the discounts will lie and what have you. This way we if go to take options off or re-arrange somethings we know exactly what the cost they are making it to be is.

Today is going SO much easier than yesterday. Knowing you'll have some kind answer in a few short hours is so much easier to handle than not knowing anything at all (if, when, what). Knowing a when does help.

We would absolutely LOVE to have this home. But...BUT....if it isn't meant to be, I have made peace with it. Will I be a bit heart broken? Of course. Who wouldn't be. It would be a big disappointment. To go through all of this to have to walk away from our dream home, who wouldn't be upset? We've put a month into this so far. But we know that there are other opportunities out there. We won't just give up and crumble. So if we are little down for a few days, hopefully the people in our lives will be understanding. Let us grieve the loss of this particular dream. We'll move on. Promise.

So here I sit, typing away. The clock, ticking away. Wondering when the phone will ring and what will be said.

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