Monday, March 28, 2011

venting EDITED

Ok...getting a little upset with our Rep. I have sent her two emails about upgrades and changes and in the past 5 days and I have heard nothing back. NOTHING. She said she would check on something for us, and I even asked about it in my last email. Still, no answer.

Now, in her defense, I know she has had 2 of the last 5 days off. But seriously. Get back to us. I don't like sitting here twiddling my thumbs and wondering IF she got the emails or IF this stuff will be addressed.

I think the next we see her, I will sit there and wait for her to find every answer I need before we leave, no matter how long it takes. Because the whole "I'll look into it and get back to you" thing with her apparently isn't worth it.

Hubby reminded me that Mondays are full of corporate meetings for them. I had forgotten she had mentioned that before. Add to that all the following up on the weekend traffic. . . I hope to hear from her tomorrow. =) After all, we ARE still waiting on the loan approval. Why go through all the trouble if it's for nothing. I must say, up until now, she has been completely wonderful and supportive. So I'm hoping it's the meetings and weekend catch-up that has delayed her.


  1. Maybe she took the day off. Ir she has a family, maybe a sick child or emergency. Have you tried calling her at the office to confirm she is working? Our Rep usually gets back to us in 24 hours but on those rare occasions she has not I have called the office to learn he child was sick and also she had a family emergency. She does not have access to work emails from home so can only check it when she is in the office

  2. I understand your frustration - I would definitely call the model. There should be someone there filling in for her and while they may not be able to address your detailed questions, they should be able to tell you when she'll be back or if something unexpected is happening.

  3. She answered some of my other emails (such as sending her pics of colors we found so she can show other potential clients). She just won't answer us on the important stuff that was sent the same time.

    She was off Thurs. and Friday. Was willing to thank me for other stuff over the weekend so I know she was there. I just haven't heard about the CHANGES we want to do. She has ignored those.

    I'm not happy.

  4. If the changes are standard options she won't be able to answer you directly. She has to submit the change to someone at the main office and they price the change and get it back to the sales rep. I found the round trip on those was sometimes a day or two, but in some cases they took about a week. As Shara said, you can always call the model home...there is always someone there.

  5. I agree...not hearing anything is so irritating! Hopefully she's just busy. I feel like they are dealing with lots of people doing this same thing, but I'll stay up all night worrying about things when a simple response could have alleviated it!