Sunday, March 27, 2011

So indicisive

Tomorrow I have the wonderful joy of sending several emails.

One to RiteRug and change our bathroom tiles to white. I just don't think the almond is going to look good with cherry cabinets. You know? If they were maple...sure. But they aren't.

I get to email our Rep and tell her we need to add:

The cherry cabinets to the bathrooms and two recessed lights above the bar/sink area. I also get the distinct pleasure of asking her to meet with us again on Wed to look at colors again. The colors we picked are nice, but just a tad dark for us. We want to re-visit the colors and make sure we have no regrets. She's gonna kill us.

We went to the Milan Model today with a print out of the floor plans from Ryan's website and marked where all the outlets were. Now, we are aware they may have extra ones in the model. They had a TON!! We would only add two extra outlets. One in one of our two master closets, and another one on the island. We'll have to wait and see what the plans actually show and what guardian says.

If we only need to add two outlets (that would be awesome!!), I'm sure that would save us some money (not sure how much extra outlets are). We need a computer outlet in the study playroom and an extra phone jack in there (again not sure of prices for these). Those are what we are prepared for. Hubby is considering a pre-wire for surround sound. And he says they will have to convince him as to why it's worth several hundred dollars to have them pre-wire for digital when the cable company can come out and do it for less. I have no idea what the point of it is or why we should have it. I'm so NOT tech savvy. We are NOT getting the alarm system as we do not need another monthly payment obligation or the air cleaner thingy. We are definite on this.

We are suppose to meet with guardian on the 9th. Other than this Wed., it's the only other time my hubby has free in the next few weeks. We're gonna call tomorrow and see if they have anything free on Wed. so we can move it up. We'll be at the model anyway meeting with the Rep about colors...again. *sigh*

Still no word on the loan. So for now, we are just doing what we are told, praying, and moving forward one step at a time.

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  1. I am the most indecisive person ever! I made soooo many changes, it's ridiculous. Even worse is most of them were 3 weeks before our ground breaking! I changed the whole house practically! My sales rep was going to kill me and I went back to the place with color choices 3 times! It is so hard when you can't really see everything as a whole! So happy for you...I hope things are falling into place now! I would love to see things work out for your family and for your dream of building and having your family in a nice neighborhood come true :)