Tuesday, March 29, 2011

GOD IS GOOD!!!!! Free room (edited with a new question)

Got up this morning and was told Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God". So today I have meditated on this and just stayed as chilled out as possible.

I was actually reciting this scripture to myself not long before I got a call from Rep. She apologized for not getting back to me sooner, but she's been busy and a situation came up she had to deal with before getting back to us. Um...ok.

She said the developer has decided to offer a discount on 8 lots. Our Rep (C.) went to bat for us. Saying she already contracted us before the developer made up his mind and it wasn't fair to us. She contacted her manager who worked it out with the developer.

She just called and said at our 11 a.m. meeting tomorrow (to go over some other colors for the exterior...not 100% on our first pic), that my husband and I need to figure out how we want to spend the $11,000 in FREE upgrades!!! WHAT!!!!!!!?????????!!!!!!????

Can anyone say Morning Room and Gourmet Island???

Question blogging friends: How much is a finished garage? Because even with the morning room and extended island (given a credit for what we are already paying for the one island) we still have $3500-$4000 approximately to spend. I'm thinking finish the garage.

You all have recesses lights in the kitchen, right? I don't. I have the big florescent one, with two recesses ones over the bar/sink area (over looks den). Should I add some kind of lighting to the other side of the kitchen (where the table would have been, but now there's an a bigger island there?)

Blue prints are here: http://www.ryanhomes.com/community/north-carolina/the-mills-at-rocky-river-millspring/milan


  1. I am so happy for you, but so jealous. We got NOTHING!

  2. That's wonderful - definitely get the morning room!!

  3. I think you get upgraded to recessed lighting in the kitchen when you choose the gourmet island. It would have been $750 for us to finish our 3 car garage. For about the same price you could insulate the garage. I know you have the benefit of being in the warmer south so it may be less of an issue for you, but we thought the insulation was worth it. It may make a difference in heating/cooling costs if you have living space above the garage.

  4. I have a big price list breakdown in my blog (www.buildingwithryan.blogspot.com). Although it's a year old and from Ohio - but might be worth a look.

  5. Work it out girl!!!! Glad you got more incentives!!

  6. Amy: I must have missed the list. I did find several blogs with prices of other things! =)

    India: Me too!! =D

    Our Rep is awesome!!

  7. Wow!!!! That is sooo exciting@ Nice that things are coming together. It's like hitting the lottery...lol

  8. Definitely get the morning room, gourmet island and kitchen recess lights. Will you get a fireplace? You can add recess lights over fireplace that's only 200 bucks. If you wanted you can add ceiling fan rough ins. That's is sooo exciting great news for your family regarding the free upgrades. :)

  9. I already have the fireplace AND the recessed lights above it!

    In the model home, I didn't like the recessed lights in the kitchen. It wasn't very bright. In fact, it was down right dark in the kitchen. I like big, bright kitchens. I like the brightness of the florescent light. HAVE ANY OF YOU ENCOUNTERED LESS THAN BRIGHT KITCHENS?

    I also have 5 fan rough ins already as well. LOL

  10. I'm surprised about the kitchen being dark. With the morning room and all the windows, I've never seen a ryan home be dark...one of the things I love is that they are usually so bright and open. Have lots of fun choosing your free upgrades!!