Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gas Water Heater

I have been in my new home a week tonight!  =)  Almost done!!  My girls are scheduled to have a sleep over tomorrow night.  We are at least that far along.  =)  Tomorrow we hang our few wall decors we have.  =D

Anyway........  When we contracted, we opted for the upgrade to the gas water heater.  I know in some areas, if you decide to pay a lot premium for special lots you get the most awesome tankless water heater.   I cannot even imagine what that would be like.  Why?

Well, let me tell you!

I have been fortunate enough to have gas water heaters most of my life.  After my father died, we moved into a new home that had one (20+ yrs ago  and if you've been following my blog you have probably put it together he died when I was still a child.  You would be correct.  But that's a whole other story).  And since being married, most of our homes have had one (all but our 1st one), even though all our homes had been previously lived in.

The hot water was nice, and from what knowledge I had gained from conversations with others, it heated up faster and kept water warmer, longer, than electric ones.  Okay.  If you say so.  *shrugs*  What did I know?

Well, this I do know:  The hot water here is amazing!  They must have done some pretty great upgrades in the past 10 or so years.  The water here is hot almost instantly and stays hotter, longer.  I use to have to turn on the shower and wait a few minutes for it warm up.  Not any more!  =D  Insta-hot!  And the knob does not even need to go as far over as all my other homes for the water to be even hotter.

NO worries!!  I am a responsible parent and always check and re-check the temperature of the water before my kiddos shower or get bathed.  And the hot water heater set to what we are use too.  I am just so amazed by how wonderfully it works!!

Now I cannot, with any knowledge, speak on how the electric hot waters heaters work.  But I can tell you that if you decide to upgrade to the gas one, that it is awesome!  Instant hot showers, ROCK!!!  lol

*note:  please feel free to comment if you have an electric hot water heater on how well it works if you have one! 

In the mean time, I just wanted to write my opinion on this upgrade.  And my opinion is, it is WELL worth it.  If you have the means (as I don't know the cost of the upgrade in every area or for each model), I suggest you look into it.  Just my thoughts though.  I am one very satisfied customer!


  1. LTG Castanets here...I recommend checking the water temp setting on the water heater. In my travels, 120-125F is generally the most energy efficient setting. Too high, you are wasting money maintaining that temperature and risk forming mineral deposits within the tank (which would negatively impact efficiency)...too low you would have the problem you had in previous residences (long time to heat up).

  2. Hey Noey! How was the sleepover? Nothing like jumping right in! Any soda spills on the new carpet yet?

    I'm wondering about the gas v. electric water heater. They both work the same way - heat up a whole tank of water and keep it hot until its needed. I think that the Energy Star and the insulation might be helping that instant hot feeling that you are getting. But because its gas, you might be paying a bit less to keep it hot, because gas prices are low. I'll be sure to report out on my electric water heater when time comes.

  3. LTGC: It is set there. =)

    RR: Sleepover went great! And no food or drinks allowed outside the kitchen. lol

    Let us know!