Thursday, April 7, 2011

___/\____/\_______/\ Beep....beep....

LOL That's my heartline, like a hosptial....barely beeping, but still beeping none the less!! I'm on life support! lol At least it feels this way. I'm getting weary in this journey of yes, no, maybe.

We heard from bank 4.


They want stuff We have a list. I'm not sure what's all on it yet. I can assume things like bank statements, taxes, and such. They emailed it to my hubby, so I'll know it all tonight. I do know they want a letter explaining our b/k and credit. YIKES!

How do you say, "oops! We totally screwed up young. The economy crashed. It caught up to us. Now we learned and only got the two credit cards we have to 1. establish credit to get a home and 2. for emergancies only. We no longer purchase ANYTHING we don't need or have the cash for. PERIOD!"

Any suggestions out there? HELP!


  1. Noey, I am praying for you and your family. I know as long as you keep faith in Gods power you will get your home!

  2. My instinct is to explain it just the way it happened...and I would definitely go into great detail about the flow of dates of your b/k. Your loan officer should be able to help with that...or at least tell you how much detail to go into. Your heartbeat analogy is a good one...

    Good know we are all pulling for you!!!!

  3. Thanks Minaq!

    BD, I'm glad you like it. lol

    Thank you both so much!