Sunday, April 10, 2011

Model Homes

My sister, mom, the kids and I all went around the area yesterday looking at different builder model homes. We had to go by the model in our neighborhood and tell our Rep we were pre-approved. That led to an afternoon of curiosity and fun. We decided to check out other model homes. lol

I don't like Lennar at all!!! They're prices are all inclusive, including upgrades, but I still was not impressed. Orleans was nice, and impressed me the most. But the model home of course was SUPER huge!!

In the end, I left that afternoon feeling even more in love with the house we chose from Ryan. =) I am glad we chose Ryan. I'm glad we chose the Milan! I didn't go set out to compare at all. We just went out for a bit of fun. But at the end of the afternoon, I realized I was totally in love with our soon-to-home (God willing).

I did feel bad for the Reps at these models. There was me, my 3 kids, my sister, her two kids, and my mom. So 3 adults, 5 kids. I can only imagine the terror on their faces when saw us all approaching! lol


  1. Maybe the reps were glad for a diversion - I bet they have some boring days where very few people come through. When we first looked at the innsbruck model to build our first ryan home, we were visiting from 3 hours away. We had not originally planned to look at houses but were scoping out neighborhoods on the day we were leaving and found it. We decided to stop in and go through the model but we had our 12lb yorki-poo with us and it was summer so I didn't want to leave him in the car. We walked through the whole house and looked everything over while I carried him - I'm sure that was something the rep wasn't used to!

  2. LOL...I thought the same thing about the reps having some long boring hours, but to be honest with you our rep has been so busy that I am sure he looks forward to those quiet times. We were meeting with him a few Saturdays back and he was so busy he actually had another sales rep there to help out. I don't think we have ever been in a meeting with him when the phone didn't ring a couple of times.

  3. LOL Shara!

    BD: That is our Rep is...constantly busy! We actually helped out one weekend. We waited an hour past our appt. time with her, and in the mean time talked to a few people, one for MOST of the hour and now she is trying to build in there. lol

  4. I am glad to hear that looking around at other model homes has assured you that you LOVE LOVE your new future home. I have been tempted to look at the other model homes but never got around to it.

    @ Shara that is funny with the dog situation carrying around at the model home I can picture the sales reps imagination and their stares. =)

  5. I loved looking at models! Sometimes I also wonder about the slow days for those sales reps!! It HAS to get boring! Our Sales Rep was transferred to another property, so even though we talk to her there, we've also gotten to know the new sales reps at the new place. Since the model in our community has been built the reps have been SUPER busy, which makes us excited!