Monday, April 25, 2011

Loan Status Update

Wow. Ok, so my DH calls our Loan Rep just to check on the progress of things (we sent it out last Monday). The LR (Loan Rep) tell us that "oops" they need us to fill out an application for THIS particular mortgage company. They only have the one for NVR we had filled out. Did it really take them an ENTIRE week to figure this out?


I HOPING that they have looked over everything else and are close to being ready to give us an answer ("approved" being the answer we are looking for), but need this last little bitty piece of paper(s) *drippings with sarcasm*. Our LR did tell us that we "should" have an answer by weeks end. We'll see.....

So our holding pattern continues. I SOOOOOOO wanted an answer before we went to our Pre-con meeting this Wed. But that doesn't look to be the case any longer. It would have been a load off our backs if we did get it. It would allow us to thoroughly enjoy the process. Instead, we go to every meeting holding our breaths. Not knowing is hard. Oh well, soon enough we will have our answers. What's another few more days? It's already been 2 months. lol


  1. Were they going to call you before you called to tell you that you needed to fill out an application?

  2. Oops-forgot to ask in the previous comment....if by some chance you didn't get the loan...but, hoping that you will....would you ever think about maybe moving to another area in a rental house for a while since you are not happy in your area now? Like, even if it was 10 minutes away? Would that be a possibility. Again, hoping that this works out for you.

  3. Well it is still possible that I will win and you will find out the results on Monday.... Remember the betting is still going on. It just makes the results more exciting since you have people rooting you on. :) Only a few more days then all the waiting will be over other than waiting for the house to be finished building.

  4. LOL Very True Stephanie...could be NEXT Monday! lol

    I have No idea if they were going to call or not. Who knows. *shrugs* I can assume that eventually they would get back to us. lol With the holiday weekend and all...

    As far as moving...I want out. I need out. I don't want to stay where we are, no matter what. But, we'll see. We'll cross that bridge when and if we get to it. For now, I'm still trying hold on to hope! =)

  5. Hi Noey- it is Anon the neighbor--went to flooring appt today- man I hope everything looks good together. I know things will work out for you...if they do not, please use the guy I have been dealing with- bbt recommended him to me and said if he could not do it, no one could--if this does not go positive, there are still more options :)

  6. I'm hoping for the best Noey!!! I've got a gooood feeling about everthing. I know how you feel wanting to move out. Me and my Husband are at our wits end with this place we live in..

  7. Ah thats annoying. I know how you feel. Nothing like getting everyones hopes up to find out in the end that you didnt get approved. Grrr. Thinking of you. Keep us posted! and stay positive!! =)

  8. Thanks everyone. It's been a looong day. My baby girl is sick, now I have a low grade fever and am exhausted. Today was one of those days where I struggled with worry. I kept have remind myself over and over and over again, that I have put this all in God's hands. I need to let go and let God. You know? Worrying is NOT going to help me here. Tomorrow will be better. =)

    Thanks again for caring and for all your encouraging words and support. Things will happen when it is time for them to happen. I just have to remember that. lol Maybe with a good night's sleep...I can! My little girl has been waking up several times a night the past 3 nights, not feeling well and crying. I'm sure the lack of sleep has gotten to by logical thinking. LOL

    Thanks again everyone!