Tuesday, April 5, 2011

oh no

I'm so indecisive.

Went the model today to look at the morning room and cabinet space and outlets in the gourmet island. While I was there I walked around back to see exactly how big our patio was going to be. WOW! Niced size!!! BUT>>>>

They had the HVAC unit back on there. AND, that outside wall is the one we plan on putting the fireplace. Grundle mumph. =/

The whole reason we put it there was so:

1. we could see tv no problem from any point in the kitchen and
2. when you walked in the home the first thing you saw down the all was the fireplace and pics on the mantle, NOT the tv.

Now I'm wondering if we should switch the wall the fire place is on since it will cut into our patio. Enough of the patio is going to go missing with the HVAC unit. I wonder if we can get the HVAC unit moved? If so, I wouldn't mind the fire place thing so much.... I think.

AGH!! I wish I could make up my mind!!!


  1. Moving the HVAC should be very easy to do...as long as you aren't looking for them to put it on the opposite side of the house, but even that could be done...don't fret yet...simple solution to get it the way you want.

    btw...you scared me when I saw the "oh no". I thought it had to do with your financing.

  2. You will have to ask your PM about it, but they should be able to move the HVAC unit. We are moving ours farther towards the back of the house because of a custom door that we are adding to the laundry room.

  3. Forgot to mention that ours will be in a different place then they normally place them because we are having a walkout basement door placed right where they would be. The conversation about where to located the HVAC units never came up...and yes I said units...we have 3 of them.

  4. I don't think it will be a problem. Ours is on the side of the house.
    Like BD, I was afraid to read this post. I too was worried it had to do with the loan. Don't do that to me again! :)

  5. I'M SO SORRY GUYS!!!! =( I didn't mean to scare ya'll! Believe me, as soon as I know, ya'll will know! Keep us in your prayers!

  6. Yeah noey sheesh you scared the daylights out of me I was dreading he worse. Speak with your program manager about possibly moving your hvac or move ur fireplace either way is doable. :)

  7. I'm glad I read this blog; it reminded me that I want to find out where they are going to place our HVAC unit. Thanks!!!

  8. Hi HW...was reading your blog and wanted to leave you a comment but your blog seems to be restricted and not accepting comments.