Friday, April 8, 2011

Guardian meeting and pricing

We had our meeting with Guardian this morning. It took about 2 hours (mainly because my hubby is more indecisive than I can be. lol).

We were told that we have 3 meetings with Guardian (you can do more).

Meeting 1: Sit down with your Guard. Rep and discuss what you want for the house

Meeting 2: Meet at the construction site to physically mark where you want your
picks to be.

Meeting 3: After construction to show you how to do everything.

I know some bloggers added an additional meeting after the first one. They talked options the first time, and then decided and signed papers the second time.

Price List for things are:

Digital Pre-wire Den $440
Digital Pre-wire bedroom $330
- You only want these if you are mounting your tv to the wall


Surround sound pre-wire $565
This is where they pre-wire and YOU set up what you have

Surround sound Silver $1350 they provide sub-woofer
$1100 you provide sub-woofer
*gives you 5 classic in-ceiling or in-wall surround sound speakers

Surround sound Gold $2560 them sub-woofer
$1850 you sub-woofer
*gives you 5 Deluxe in-ceiling (you can aim them) or in-wall surround sound speakers

There is third option at $3280 them and $2160 you, but it's more for basement theaters.

The speakers they use are from Klipsch. They now provide the speaker systems for 1 out of ever 2 movie theaters. Good stuff.


2 room (in ceiling) speakers $1995
Pre-wire only $710

4 room (in ceiling) speakers $3425
Pre-wire only $1425

you can sub and outdoor speaker for a room

Outdoor speaker $145

If you have surround sound, it will hook up through the surround sound.


It is installed for for free. If you ask, you can get up to 6 months free monitoring.

You must sign a 36 month monitoring contract, for $40 a month to $60 a month, depending on coverage.

You can have it installed for about $1450 with NO contract for service. You can decide when to activate it and for how long. However this price is higher than the price of paying for the service over the 36 month period (@ $40 a month).

Our Guardian rep was AWESOME!! Very laid back, not pushy at all, and best of all, PATIENT WITH US!! lol (how do you think I got all these prices, lol) Loved him!

In the end we went with Data ports ($250 for 2)for each tv (allows internet access through the tv ex. ordering netflix), and with the $1100 surround sound with 3 all speakers and two ceiling speakers (we have our own sub-woofer)

We were undecided about the extra monthly expense of the alarm system. So we drew up and signed two contracts. One with it, one without it. We told him we would call him Monday with our answer. =) Either way, it doesn't change the amount of the change order we are giving our Ryan Rep.

SO....we're done!! Next steps: Approval and pre-construction! (God willing)


  1. It's going to happen Noey. Remember how everything went 180 degrees in one day? Sometimes you just have to let go and let God. That's what we did and we're closing next month. It'll happen girl, it'll happen.

  2. I'm so happy this is happening! I read this post before the other one and I was like YAY! This will happen just trust God!