Monday, April 11, 2011

Executive Decision Made

I did it. We have a change order for the antique white/Maple stained white cabinets and...STAINLESS STEEL!!!

Just thought I'd let you guys know!! ;)


  1. Wonderful news - what a gorgeous kitchen. Congratulations!!

  2. Great news!!!!!! However, I forgot to add my comments on the other blog. Actually, it was late and I fell asleep at the computer. I love the white cabinets and I agree with your first choice going with black appliances and upgrading later; especially if you plan to sell the appliances to recoup some of your money. Regardless, it looks like you made the choice you wanted; so I am very happy for you guys. I didn't think we were going to change any of our choices; however, now we have a meeting with the Sales Rep tomorrow to discuss changing our exterior color scheme.

  3. HW: We did the SAME thing and changed our colors!! You gotta make sure happy with it!

  4. Stainless Steel is the absolute best and I am sooo happy that we are getting it too! It does make the kitchen more nicer.

  5. thanks ya'll .... to upgrade was only pennies in payment. Why not? Right?

    My "bff" is going to flip. She HATES white cabinets. lol I love them though!

    Now I just sit and pray we get final approval.