Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Haggling the price of your Ryan Home

Did you know that you can make an offer on the house you want to build with Ryan? YUP!

We sat down, picked out options, came up with what the price "should be", or as my hubby in the car biz puts it "sticker price", on the house. We have realtor who was also there. We then talked and made an offer and signed the papers with the Ryan Rep. In a few days time, she got back to us with the counter offer, and we took it. It was close to where we really wanted to be, and like I said, a GREAT deal!

Some things to know when making your offer:

1. Put as many options as you can in the first time. You will be adding stuff later, but the more you have in, the better.

2. Ryan Homes accepts and/or counters deals based on 1 thing: DP (Direct Profit). From our understanding of this in our area, they try to stay in the 21-23% direct profit range. This is where all those options come in handy. Some of those you can get at about 50% off, others are already a steal. But it can really knock the price down of the home, since they are truly concerned with is their profit margin. Also why a realtor comes in handy here.

3. Their counter is their final offer, unless you change some options. They will not haggle past that, again due to the DP margin they must keep.

4. Having a realtor does not, NOT, affect the price of the home. We were told that Ryan has a separate account they pay the realtors their 2.5% out of. So if you can get one to help you, DO IT! They know their stuff!

These are pretty much the gold standards with Ryan Homes when haggling on price. =) We were the 2nd contract signed on a new neighborhood. They were really wanting to get things moving quickly (when people see progress, they tend to follow it). So we did get a sweet deal, plus the unexpected incentive money last month due to the developer dropping land prices. All and all, let's just say....we are saving btwn 15-25K on the house's "sticker price". Again, special circumstances with both the land price drop AND being one of the first in the neighborhood. But good deals are out there and can be had!

Just remember those 3/4 points above and you'll also get a sweet deal on your Ryan Home!


  1. Hi Noey! We actually did the same thing, we weren't exactly sure if new construction was negotiable, but we tried it out anyway. We put everything we wanted and then some in the initial upgrade list, and then when we found out the grand total, we told them where we wanted to be and they reached that.

    Just like your situation of being the 2nd contract signed in the new neighborhood, we purchased a townhouse in a unit that needed just one more house to be sold before completing the building as a whole, so I think they were extremely reasonable because they wanted to start building that unit.

    Congratulations :)

  2. CONGRATS!!! We are glad you were able to work out a lower price with Ryan Homes.

    Unfortunately, we were unable to counter offer. The plan that we decided to pursue is in high demand. The plan only has 18 lots and the first contract was signed on the 1st of March, by the time we go to the lots the Sales Rep. already signed 5 contacts. By the end of the month 13/18 lots either had a hold or were sold. We decided to move forward with the premium lot, which had 4 additional individuals interested in the lot. We had 5 days to make a decision. We have no regrets because we have been looking for the perfect flat lot for 3 years. Once we found it, we didn’t want it to get away from us.

  3. Hi Noey,
    Im new to here and actually to blogging all together...other than random rants on Facebook.
    Im here because we are thinking hard about buying a Ryan home. We priced our dream home out and we came in about 6k higher than our pre-approval letter. Thank you SO much for your blog here about offering a lower price. I think this may work in our case. We are looking at a community in FL (Ryan is fairly new to FL) were another builder was in there and left, so Ryan is finishing the community. It is ALOT of empty lots and when we drove through only 1 house was being built. So I think we may have some wiggle room to play with price wise. Also our floor plan we picked out doesnt seem to be a popular one, yet since there wasnt a single one constructed in central FL. Its a two story and most Floridians seem to like one story houses better (im still a New Englander in so many ways) Any suggestions? Should we try for 50% upgrades or just try to counter the price?

  4. NOOB: Get a price list of all the upgrades from the Ryan Rep out there.

    Sit down and figure out what you want and add it to the base price of the home. Is that figure where you need to be? (Probably not)

    When we did it, we figured about 1/2 off options plus another few grand ($3000 I think it was). They came back in with their counter which was where we needed to be. Since then A LOT has changed and we've added more (no discounts now). So the more you put in, in the offer, the better chance you have. You can always take some stuff away later if you have too. (SO I guess we did both...1/2 off upgrades and/plus some off the price). Their counter offer was $4500 more than our offer. It was a great deal! Still money off the house and options.

    Their counter offer will be their final offer. You can always take away options and try a new offer.

    Do you have realtor? They can help! And they usually work for the buyer for free (Ryan would pay them). And from our understanding, having a realtor does NOT affect the price of the home. Ryan has a separate account they pay the realtor their 2.5% on).

    In the end, Ryan wants to make about 23% profit off the home. That is what is going to determine their price. Too bad we don't know how much cost everything is. This is why it would be good to have a realtor.

    GL!! Let me know how it goes!!

  5. Thank you Noey for explaining it to me. We do have a realtor we absolutly love (which we bought our present home from, the Ryan home will be our second prop) He is somewhat under the impression that Ryan wont budge much on the price since they are so smal and new to our FL morket. Thats a bit disheartning because I do want to add a lanai and railing banister for the stairs. Also the lot we want carries a 3k premium that I DON'T want to pay for...I like it but not that much since it partially backs to someones hideously cluttered back yard. As of now it looks like we can afford "sticker" price with our upgrades, but as you said its better to add all upgrades now and there is a few more I want. I guess we'll see....Our realtor is working on it right now and if the right price comes in we will sign today (amist our 5yr olds birthday party...DOHHH)