Thursday, April 28, 2011

Interesting Night

I took the kids to see the lot tonight. They wanted to see it. And SURPRISE!! Two of the neighbor men were out, one with his kids. One of the little boys was having a blast on our lot. lol I parked just before the intersection. I didn't want to frighten the kids. My kids got out, played, and did the "Mom, where am I standing now?" game.

As the daddy left he stopped by the van (I stood next to it as my littlest girl had no shoes on and was NOT getting out of the van). He introduced himself. (I am so bad with names!! =( Forgive Mr. Neighbor-man...not that I would post it here). He seemed very nice. Turns out they moved down from Pittsburgh not long ago and his mom is the administrator at the elementary school my kids will be slated to go too. =) He had two of the cutest little boys ever! They were about my two youngest kids' ages. He seemed very friendly. Can't wait to meet his wife!

But the whole time we are talking, I kept thinking "What if we don't become neighbors after all?" I had a bad feeling in the pit of stomach. I am hoping I am just being paranoid. Do you know how hard it is to watch your kids 55+ yards away, keep the one in car calm, carry on a conversation, and be thinking that the whole time? lol I was afraid I'd say something stupid. That's more like me...foot in mouth disease. lol

The lumber for the Naples next to/across from us was delivered today. They spent the day digging and blowing up the GRANITE on that site. Grrrreeeaaat. lol

Two big metal bins now sit in front of our lot. and more dirt looks like it has been put down, along with more stakes in the ground...which was kinda weird. So I guess they were there today.

Apparently the few people in that neighborhood are excited to be seeing people come in, and curious about the houses too. lol

It was a neat night. The kids are STOKED!

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  1. That is cool you were able to meet one of the neighbors! We go by our lot everyday and still have not met anyone. You are just getting a glimpse of your future and seeing the kids playing together is GREAT! Soon enough you will get an answer and things will fall in place. :)