Wednesday, April 13, 2011 Edited:Update 2

What a week (past 5 days. I know it's only Wed.).

I found out last night, after reading one blog and doing some research online that the MPI (is that right? It's like PMI for FHA loans) is going up in 3 days,on the 18th, a quarter a percent (.25%). From everything I read that makes a 4.75% loan more like a 5.125% loan. BIG difference in price. We estimated everything at 5% interest, just in case. But, this put it's about $43 a month over that estimate. And the 5% estimate was our last "affordable" estimate. So now, I'm freaking out. FREAKING OUT!! I don't want to get in over our heads. Hopefully by next Friday, I will know one way or the other what's going on. =/

There is also some mumblings of a hike in interest rates soon. None of this is sitting well with me at all, as you can imagine. If we get turned down, I'll know why.

My Grandfather is doing ok. He is glad to be home. =) I should find out by Friday what, if any, treatment he has chose to get for his lung cancer. I can't imagine it will be much. He knows his Alzheimer's is already progressing more quickly than we anticipated. =(

My husband's grandfather is now in the hospital, congestive heart failure. It was very touch and go Sunday. He has made some small improvement since then. But we just don't know what's going to happen.

Our landlord seems impatient with us and wants an answer to us moving or not. *sigh* Remember, our lease was up Jan. 31. They are being kind to allow us a month to month right now with no contract while we wait.

I am ready for some good news. I really am. I want it to be this loan, and this house. I want to be able to afford it. I fear we will no longer be getting this loan. Some days, it seems like life is just baring down on me and I don't know how much longer I can stand it. But for now, I am trying to hold my ground. One day at a time, right?

In other news, I am taking the girls next week to get their flower girl dresses for my sister's wedding. =)

Life is stressful right now, but I am still here! I'm still hanging on.

Minaq2, thanks for asking how he was doing. I know this was a bit more than you asked, but I think maybe I just needed to get it out. *hugs*

UPDATE: We had to go by and sign the final change orders today. Our Rep said that if we got pre-approved chances are good we already have an FHA case # and are grandfathered in. =) So of course, we call our loan person and left a message, just to make sure. YAY! Some good news...or at least some hope for good news!

UPDATE 2: Our loan Rep was going to call our Loan officer to make sure we had a case number, and if we don't, they are going to get us one so we can be grandfathered in! =) So our 4.75% interest rate is what it is. =D SUPER HAPPY!!! And if it goes up a quarter point, we're still good. Man, I can't tell you the relief this has brought me! =D =D =D


  1. I will say an extra prayer for yours and your husbands Grandfathers. I know how difficult and stressful it is to see your family in pain. I hope everything is ok with the mortgage too. Don't stress about what "might" happen in a few days, the markets are so unpredictable. Is it possible at this stage to cut back on upgrades to make up for the increased rates? Just a thought..
    In a more positive thought...aren't little flower girls dresses the cutest thing ever?? :)

  2. Im praying for the family girl...I know this is a rough time for you but give it to God!!!!! for we must walk by faith and not by sight...Hold your head up because you are alive!!! :)

  3. @ Becky: Oh yes. We figure there are few things we could change. But not many we are willing to compromise on. We'd probably just walk away and try again in a year.

    @ India: Thank honey!! I'm just having a "blah" kinda day I guess. *hugs*

  4. Take a deep breath...we have to remember when we ask God for things, we have to let go and allow him to work. It may take time for us to see his works but it always happens when it's supposed to. Remember our impatience is where we get caught up and trust me I have to remind myself of this EVERYDAY! I believe you said this experience is our journey to learn

    I am sorry to hear of your husbands grandfather and glad to hear your grandfather is doing ok all things considered. I will continue to keep you guys in my prayers.

    As far as the new rates for PMI, our rep told us as long as Ryan pulls your file you will be grandfathered in with the current rates. I have been watching interest rates daily and I'm hoping they will remain around the same or better for a while.

    We are all praying for your family! I have faith that everything will work it's self will get through this!

  5. I DID SAY THAT!! And yes, I am learning it. It's not an easy lesson. lol I believe something I will have to work on daily for the rest of my life.

    *deep breath....exhale*

    I am trying to keep the faith! This has definitely brought some ugly, deep seeded issues to the surface of my faith walk. Things I didn't even realize were there. Lots of past hurts effecting how I view my faith and Lord now. Stuff that is hard to look in the mirror and see and admit, but stuff that also needs dealt with. I'm thankful for that, believe it or not. Can't fix what you don't know is to speak.

    Thank you for your kind words and wisdom. *hugs*

    And you thank you everyone for your support and prayers. I can't tell you what it means to me. Especially since so many others in my life like to "poo poo" all over this. Thank you all!

  6. Awesome news!!!!! :)