Friday, April 22, 2011


Ok, another blog has me worried.

We upgraded to stainless and it comes with a GE dishwasher model GLD5660RSS.

Does anyone know if this is a "quiet" dishwasher?


  1. never mind: found this

    * QuietPower 57 sound package
    Helps eliminate operational noise, so your kitchen conversations can carry on uninterrupted

  2. Good to know I had to look my appliance package number up and yep we have the same serial model number so looks like you did the research for me :) thanks noey!

  3. Okay, bare with me and please don't be mad at me. In my research you should have at max 52 dba for a dishwasher in an open floor plan. If you're okay with dumping out your hard food dispenser you can get really quiet.

    BD, if you read this, what's model of your's?

  4. We got the 3rd stainless steel package and i cant hear it at all!!! I would have to check the model number tho ..i dont know it off hand...

  5. We were offered reg. appliances, then upgrade one (microwave and flat top, white or black only) then upgrade 2 (stainless steel).

    She handed me the paper with the serial numbers on it. This particular one has a 57dBA.

  6. are right with what you found regarding your model...57db is corrent...

    @2011 - GSD5630DO1WW is the model that we currently have...I forget the exact decibel level but I believe it is in the low to mid 50s.

    We will have the Professional Kitchen package in our new home...Dishwasher model ZBD0710NSS(or equivalent) - it says it is 47 db.

  7. I'm envious BD!!! That thing is gonna be super quiet!

    I guess will figure out how quiet it is soon enough. I'm gonna find the model of what I have here and try and figure out what it's DB is. If it's any less than what I have now, I'll be happy. lol