Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have two kids not feeling well. The baby being the worst right now. I just want to fix it for them. I am doing all I can, but sometimes you just feel like it's not enough.

On top of this, I am anxious. VERY ANXIOUS and frustrated.

My loan rep got back to me. We seem to have a pre-con meeting next Wed. That excites me. What excites me more is that she is off today and got back to me. That's a first! That really did a lot for how I feel about this whole mess. I was originally told to expect a call about this last week. Now the actual meeting won't be until next week. They couldn't prelim our stuff to this week. It happens. It is what it is, and I am relieved to finally have a date and time. =) You have NO idea how crapped out I have been feeling today and this did a lot for me. Thank you C.!!! =D

I can only HOPE we will have approval before then. I was so hoping to have good news to give to my kids and family for Easter. Week's not over yet, but I'm not sure if underwriters work on Good Friday. *shrugs* So it looks like it may sometime next week before we know. With our luck, the END of next week. =/

I know we aren't the only ones waiting. I know Ryan would like the go ahead too. I think EVERYONE will feel better once the answer comes in.

Our lives feel like they are on pause right now. We are just waiting. This is so want something more than anything.... and not be in control of it. To have to wait and trust. It's very hard.

So, my life is a bit frustrating right now. And maybe my headaches and sick kids aren't helping that frustration. I am soooo ready for something to "right" for us. You know?

Anyway, I needed to vent. Thanks for letting me. And thank you C. for getting back to me on your day off. You have renewed some of my waning faith in all of this. You have NO idea what that means to me right now.


  1. Hang in there Noey. It's not easy. When you think about it, nothing even comes close to the time it takes to buy a new house.
    Even a new car can be bought in one day. With a new house, you're dealing with so many people and depending on them working with each other and you, to get everything to come together, and it takes months before you'll "get" what you bought.
    We were very frustrated too, and one thing we noticed early on,is that Ryan and NVR don't seem to be on the same page with each other. We saw a huge gap in communication. Like when NVR would send us a closing date, but our project manager would say that there's no way that's going to happen. They seemingly did not talk with each other before informing us, the customers.
    Our most frustrating experience was dealing with NVR. The sales rep and PM were both pretty good we think.
    Well I hope everything starts happening in a positive way for you asap. Keep on them, and things will start to come together.
    Happy Easter :)

  2. Thanks Mike.

    No kidding about the time it takes. We've been working on this since Feb. lol

    You have a Happy Easter as well!

  3. Noey I hope you can relax for the Easter weekend and that your kiddos are feeling better soon! My fingers crossed you hear something before Friday, but if not, just keep reminding yourself that Ryan and NVR are I am sure doing everything they can for you. Their main objective is to sell homes, so they will do everything they can to help you!

  4. Thanks Becky. It's not exactly NVR we're using. NVR found another lender for us. I will say this...all the banks we went too...duds. This bank, the one NVR found, they gave us the pre-approval. So that is encouraging.

    I know that the loan officer of this company has been enthusiastic. But they aren't the underwriters. The final decision is up to them. You know?

    I keep thinking, man, maybe it's going to "I'm sorry, but no" and so that's why we won't find out before Easter, so it won't ruin the holiday. I know...pessimistic. lol

    The stress is finally getting to my health. My stomach is in knots. I have this hanging over my head, my sick kids, my husband is planning the speech for his granddad's funeral (he's not passed yet but it doesn't look so good), and it's not enough mine has Alzheimer's and was JUST diagnosed with lung cancer, he is now being screened for colon cancer too. Throw in Easter this weekend and all it's festivities and my SIL's 25 b-day this weekend....I am beyond stressed out. I need a relief. And knowing about this and being able to put it behind us would go a loooong way to helping me reduce stress (and hopefully give me something to look forward too).

    Happy Easter Becky!! =) Thanks again!

  5. Having sick kids is rough...on top of everything else you have going on. I hope your kiddos feel better fast!

  6. Awww sweety, I know it's tough! I don't have children, but I can only imagine the stress of them being sick on top of everything else going on. I know it's easier said then done but try not to worry. It looks to me that somebody is looking out for you with this house, I really believe all will be ok! Just take it one day at a time, like Noey said, building a house can be a long drawn out stressfull process, but it will all be worth it in the end! I hope the kids feel better and you too!

  7. You are very blessed with what you currently have in life...focus on that and the rest will fall in place. One more thing, pray...He is always listening.

  8. I am hoping we get to be neighbors since you are the ones that helped sell me on the neighborhood and the Milan. Have a nice Easter- I love reading your blog. I also have a grat lender if for some unknown reason this does not work out for you--he helped me when everyone said no.

  9. HW@ I am VERY blessed. I have good friends, great family, the world's most awesome hubby and great kids. No matter what, I know we'll be ok.

    ANON!!!! Hello there!! Nice to meet you! Hmm...someone we helped sell.... Are you the one we talked too in the kitchen at the model, with the little girl about my eldest's age? (I think they played together some)

    I'm on the corner! The one with the porta potty. lol I think the ONE person on that street already thinks I'm a crazy. I have driven my van up onto the lot twice, got out, walked the lot and prayed. lol (Mills Ruin)

    If you aren't on my street, we'll still be neighbors! I have a feeling those of us in this stage will have lots in common and lots to talk about. lol Can't wait to meet you anon!

    Megan and ACP: Thank you both so much. Btwn the dying/sick grandpas, the kids, this, and Easter, it's a bit much. I'm trying to keep my head above water. But sometimes, I need to vent and let it out. lol

    My sisters and I are running a pool to see when we'll get the notice. I have Tuesday! lol

  10. I am the one that we talked forever in the kitchen at the model- my little one is turning 7. We are on the same street at the other end across the street. I asked C about you often and I prayed for your sweet family- probably more than myself :) Reading your blog is like looking in the mirror as I remember we had such commons issues. I am approved (pre of course) and will not get final say until JULY OMG. If you need another lender for whatever reason let C know to use my lender at that point----he is REALLY good. My daughter is looking forward to playing all your girls :) I am not sure how to put my name in here on these things so that is why it is Anon

  11. LOL You all you would need to do is open up a google account. lol

    I remember you! My eldest will be 10 this year, my middle girl will be 6 in June. They play all the time with the little girl next door now, she's your daughter's age. =) I am going to be so sad to leave her. My kids have made some good friends here.

    My eldest remembered your daughter! She got all excited when I told her about the post and was hoping it was you guys! =)

    It's hard, the waiting, isn't it. Just wait! When it goes to underwriting for final approval, you'll think "No biggie. I've waited this long." But that's when the waiting is the WORST! lol

    So glad you decided to buy in there! =) I thought you were looking at a Rome though or Naples? I'm glad you're happy! Keep me posted on what happens hon! =)

    I wonder if they'll move the porta potty from my yard during building, or just leave it there? lol Probably just leave it there. lol

    Have you been there lately? The other corner has started construction! The lot is cleared and some fresh dirt was there a few days ago.

    Are you the one going in Wed. afternoon for the colors meeting?

  12. I cannot even fathom what you are going through right now between the house stress and your family, but be assured that everyone here is praying for you, your family, and a positive outcome with everything!

  13. I was there earlier today- I am just as excited as you and go there often---decided that the Milan was perfect for us---thanks to talking with you guys:) Maybe you should ask them to keep the porta potty (3rd bath upgrade lol) The waiting is hard butI am excited- we are lot 380- next the house already built out there. My little one always ask about your daughter---and I can not believe how much you and I have in common- I am 33 also :) Yeah FRIENDS! I decided to build there after meeting you guys because I could not imagine being neighbors with nicer people- I go to flooring on Monday, pick colors- I went with all vinyl on the outside---not sure if I will upgrade that-probably---I have to pick hardwoods, carpet, bath on Monday---any suggestions. I am so not tech saavy- My yahoo account was set up a few years ago by a guy I was dating at the time because he wanted to email--any idea, I just got a digital camera last year and my daughter knows more functions than I do LOL :) I also meet with Guardian on the 6th of May--my realtor is coming to that meeting b/c like above I know nothing about the tech stuff.

  14. =)

    Flooring: UPGRADE THE PAD ON THE FIRST LEVEL! I live on a slab and the floors are FREEZING!! Even the carpeted areas. Any upgrade in padding will help.

    We loved the flooring meeting. SO MUCH to choose from! And they weren't pushy at all. Very friendly! It was a fun meeting!

    As for Guardian, check my post out on that one for prices on a BUNCH of stuff! GL!