Monday, April 11, 2011

Looking to build in the Charlotte, NC area?

The Mills at Rocky River has dropped their prices!!

The Venice, which offers 2224-2834 sq ft starts in the 140's. The Rome, over 3000 sq ft, starts in the upper 160's now! The model home out there, The Verona, starts in the 180's now!

Some great deals to be had!! Just thought I'd throw that out there! Here are the links to all the different homes they are offering and the starting price points.



The neighborhood is set to have pool and the club house is HUGE!! To include a kitchen, work out rooms, and locker rooms! They hope to have the pool open by Summer 2012.

They are just minutes from I485, in Cabarrus County, which offers lower taxes and better schools! (two of the schools, an elementary and a middle school, are IN the neighborhood!)

The neighborhood itself sits far back off the main road. As it develops, they are planning on putting shops in up by the main road, and from my understanding, a grocery store as well. Schools and shopping at arms reach! And when you add being so close to Charlotte, what else could you ask for.

I'm just excited. And I like the share good things. This seems like a good thing to me.


  1. That does sound pretty sweet! I wished it was cheaper where we live but we live in where the top schools are and living expenses are higher than the other towns nearby. I never been to North Carolina well anywhere in the east coast. I definitely do like the idea of having a community pool we will not be having one. =(

  2. Yikes! Those are steals. Not only are you getting a nice house, but nice weather. Makes me very jealous. My Venice starts at $100,000 more than that :( While I understand it's all about location and cost of living, I can't get over how there can be such a huge difference in price for the very same house. That's great for you guys in the area!

  3. I like seeign good deals too! We live on the east coast near Washington DC, so the cost of living is way higher up here! Makes you want to move down south sometimes!

  4. @ Stephanie: I love that part! We use another pool right now, but to have one just up the street, AMAZING!!!

    @ K M: Our model starts out in low 150's here, but in 430's in Maryland! Crazy huh!

    @ ACP: I grew up near D.C.! Lived in Fredericksburg, VA until my dad died and we moved down here! I sill have some family in Stafford. Yes, cost of living here MUCH better! lol Plus I'm 2 hours from the mountains and less than 4 hours from the beach! =) Add to that the small town charm of this location, next to the big city of Charlotte and all it has to offer.... I'M SET!

  5. It is crazy to see the difference in prices across the country..our model (Florence) I've seen range from $110,000's to $340,000!

  6. It is crazy Becky!

    We saw our Rep today and she only has 4 lots left where we are. The rest are the "upgrade" lots that cost more.

    We know that one family moving in has 2 little girls and expecting a little boy. I'm excited. Friends for my girls!! =) I think the youngest girl is about my youngest's age. No sure of the older one. But my girls are 6 and 9 so.... =D

    Our Rep was telling us how everyone in there is really pretty tight knit and looks out for each other and how excited they seem to be about new neighbors (this neighborhood stalled 2 yrs ago with only like 8 houses built). She said everyone so far has been very nice.

    I am super excited about this possibility. Our neighbor-to-be across from us...she and I belong to the same mommy's group!(Highly recommend any moms out there to join one in your area! Google TMN or TheMommyNetwork. Maybe it's TheMommiesNetwork) She has the cutest little boy!

  7. older two are 6 and 9. My youngest is almost 2.

  8. we are moving in across the street from you :-)

  9. You the "Rome"? Anon? lol YAY!!! Neighbors! You should be breaking ground soon, right?

  10. yes we're the rome :-) yes, we have our pre-construction meeting on wed. so I think we were told 70 days from this past tues :-) I am thinking the 1st weekend in Aug. we'll be moving in :-)

  11. More than likely! We had our Pre-con last week, they are breaking ground this Tuesday after Mother's day and we have a projected close date of July 25th. =)

    Aren't you so excited!!??!!

  12. Yeah, we're really excited- we can't wait! we can't wait for the space!!!