Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I went to edit my blog and at the top it says STATS. check that out!!

My blog has been viewed by:

The United States 7148 times
Indonesia 24 times
Iran 23 times
Denmark 18 times
United Kingdom 16 times
Ukraine 8 times
Romania 4 times
Canada 3 times
India 2 times
Russia 2 times

I'm world wide baby! lol Seriously though, why are people in some of these countries viewing my blog so much? Crazy, huh? I didn't think Ryan Homes built in some of these places.

If you check out the stats, you also learn what browsers are looking you up (firefox, chrome, mobile, internet explorer, ect.) and what operating systems people have used (windows, ipads, blackberry, macintosh, ect.).

Under traffic sources, you can see who else has referred you.

You can see how may views each blog entry has gotten. Look around. It's kinda neat!

I just wish there was a way to see everyone who was viewing and following me (you know, the ones who are invisible). lol

Seriously, I am a bit concerned about some of these views. I just don't understand why? They never comment, so I am leery of ANYONE (I don't care what country you are from, including ours) who just lurks and never comments. Maybe it's just me. lol

So anyway, check your own stats! It's kinda neat!


  1. That is interesting how people from countries so far away have an interest in a home building blog! I figured I should check in with a comment to account for this view. :)

  2. Wow, all my views are from US and I know what you mean about being leery! I try to be very cautious about how much info I give out. I want to fully participate in this community and provide information for people thinking about building with Ryan. At the same time, I make a conscious effort to never use my husband or child's name or post pictures of them...because I just don't trust people and I want to make it nearly impossible to precisely locate us.

  3. I have never mentioned my hubby's name or my kid's names. I tend to nickname my kids:

    Eldest: Smarty pants
    middle: Super star
    baby: Bean

    lol I feel really weird posting that info the other day. I may end up deleting that post now. =(

    I'm hoping maybe people have viewed it by accident due to "Milan" being tagged for this blog. Hopefully they were actually looking for a good vacation spot and accidentally got this. lol

  4. Wow, my stats are not anywhere near yours but at the same time anyone can find us on facebook. It is not like I have anything to hide. The purpose of this blog is to help people know about Ryan homes and that we are new home builders. The Stat thing however is interesting never gave it much thought to it till now.

  5. So I have a some views from Colombia. Kinda weird. haha.

  6. I am always try to be conscious of what I put up on the net. However, like Stephaine mentioned the purpose is to share your story with family, friends, and strangers...since the platform is on the open net. I had previously viewed the stats page and also thought it was a neat tool. BTW all of my page views are from the U.S but you have to take into account that I have not been blogging as long as some, so my page views are not that high.

    Personally, I don't think you should delete it but you have to be comfortable with what you put out there.

    Now, I would like to point out that at one point all of us were invisible strangers viewing someones blog. We just happened to be brave enough to actually share our experience right along with them. I also think by choosing to do so we have gotten to know some great people. It has also allowed us to lean on each other when needed, be educated on many things you may not have been aware of, getting shopping and decor tips, and most importantly celebrate every little thing your friends and family would not think such a big deal.

    Ex: My friends were hardly moved when I showed them the pics of the slab, but my blogging friends were just as excited as I.

    Just somethings to think about =)

  7. I'm pretty comfortable with what I put out there. It's the truth but still not too entirely detailed. You know? I did start this blog to help others and be honest...good or bad.

    I think it's so awesome how close we all have gotten over this experience. It's so nice to share this experience with others that are truly excited for you and know what your going through.

    As far as the stats go, I clicked it by accident. But wow!! What a neat little thing! lol

  8. Columbia showed up once on mine too. lol

  9. I know! I like looking at that stuff every now and then. The ones from Iran freak me out!