Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What a bad dream! lol And what did your's say?

So I woke up today with a "start", so to speak.

I woke up from this horrible dream where we were looking through the house, we were a few days a way from closing. And I noticed that all the faucets were all wrong! I don't think anyone in their right mind even makes such tiny, ugly faucets. Only my imagination! lol You know those ones in public restrooms where you push down the handle and water comes out for like 10 seconds? Yeah. Those were it, only smaller!! Looked real tacky in the kitchen. I didn't know how I was going to do dishes. lol

Anyway, in the dream, I was freaking out, because Closing was a few days away, we couldn't reach our PM or our Rep, and we still didn't have final approval.

What a horrible dream!! When I woke up, I had the thought: "I bet our realtor would have caught some of this." Then it hit me... OMGosh!! I forgot to call her and tell her that our pre-con meeting is tomorrow!! She wanted to be there! I wanted her to be there!

I got up and FBed her right away. I still haven't heard from her. I'm such a crappy person sometimes! =( I hope she can forgive me!

So, in other news, my baby girl is sick and now my eldest and I seem to have some kind of creepy crud too. Add this to the bad dream and bad day, I want so bad to drive the 30 minutes over to the model and look around. But at this point, I'm not so sure it would cheer me up. The mortgage company STILL hasn't sent us the application to fill out. You know, that 1 piece of paper we're missing. *sigh* So I'm not sure if going over would cheer me up or stress me out more. LOL SO I'm blogging instead.

I did look back over our pre-approval letter. I love where it says: "Name of Mortgage Company is pleased to inform you that your mortgage request has been approved on the above referenced property." LOL I love that on the top in bold print it says LOAN COMMITMENT.

The rest of it just goes on to say that any change in our financial situation could adversely affect this approval and that we needed to get a list of stuff in before closing. I don't like the amount though....it was for our offer and not the final price. But I do know that they asked for the ratified contract and all addendums in that list of stuff to turn in before closing. So....

Oddly enough, reading this kinda cheered me up. LOL So I guess that helped. lol

What did your pre-approval letter say that you just loved?

Anyway... Thanks for letting me ramble. I just needed to waste some time. I REALLY don't feel like doing chores. lol

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  1. The part I loved the best when we got our letter was "Congratulations!" LOL That was really all I wanted to read! But of course we read the rest of the letter too. :)