Tuesday, April 5, 2011

new blogger and just ramblings

I'm getting ready to head over to the model to check out a few things. It's always bitter sweet. I'm ready for our financing to come through.

Plus, I had wanted to take my mom to see it and my sister did it instead. Without me. I wanted to be with her the first time she saw what we were building. I'll never get that now. And it bothers me and makes me sad. I never said a word to my sister about it. She can't undo it. It is what it is. Why upset her, or possibly start an argument. But I do feel like she robbed me of an experience that was mine to have. Not hers. It bothers me more than it probably should. I need to figure out how to let this go. Like I said, I can't change it. *sigh*

I am excited though!! We have a new blogger AND...she's in my area!!! I'm so excited! I have someone in my area!! lol


That is her link! Please welcome Minaq2 to our Ryan Homes blogging community! =) I love keeping up with everyone and seeing everyone's progress! =)

Anyway, it's almost 11. I need to get my tail in gear if I'm going to get back in time to feed "baby bean" and put her down for her nap. TTYL


  1. Why would your sister do that? I would be sooooo angry!! This is a once in a lifetime thing and should not be taken away from you....I am having my own sister problems...ughhhh

  2. I cant believe she would steal your glory!!! I would be pissed too!! :)

  3. Well, the model we are getting is a good half hour away. She and my other sister and mom were out doing bridal stuff for my baby sis's wedding. They were already over that way.... I understand that. But, I still wanted to be the one to do it. =(

  4. Sorry to hear your sister did that. Sisters are good at doing things like that, I know from experience. But I bet your mom will be even more excited to see YOUR house for the first time instead of the model. You'll forget all about this in a few months. Fingers crossed for the financing! :)