Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pre-Con meeting was today!

We had our pre-construction meeting this afternoon. And our P.M. is AWESOME!!! We'll call him "J." J. was VERY knowledgeable, and friendly!

So here's the breakdown:

Planning on breaking ground May 10th (the day I picked in my last post for my guess as to knowing about final approval. If you want to play the game, just list the day on the last post. we had to make some changes due to new information.). The lot has already has some work done to it. He said he considers "breaking ground" actually digging the holes for the mortars (is that right?). The house directly next to us is scheduled to break ground either the same week or the week after us. And since we're on a corner, the house right across the street, to the side of us, is about to pour the foundation already! (it's a Naples). So the lots right around me will all be done all around the same time! =)

Right now, the projected closing date is July 25th! I had been guessing July 21st all along. So we'll see!! =) (The 25th is a Monday, I'd love to around the 21st so we can have some help moving over the weekend and have the week of the 25th to clean up our rental before the 1st of August).

Our front yard only will get sod. However, if it's too hot and dry and here, they will wait until September-ish to put it out. Our HVAC unit will be located on the side of the house, next to the garage (we have side entry).

We went over every option in the house and where it would be located. He liked the idea of the outlet in the closet. =)

I have a paper somewhere with notes on it, but I can't find it. =( Something about pressurizing our ventilation system so there is less than 2% leakage (makes it energy star!). They also do something around the windows to make sure no air comes in or goes out there as well.

The slab has a moisture barrier below it! =) And Killingsworth treats the slab and bottom of the wood for bugs and termites. And something about an R19 rating?? I wish I could find that darn paper. He also said that if we wanted more than just the basic landscaping (shrubs and such in front of the house) we can talk to the landscapers ourselves and work something out. Hubby wants the WHOLE yard sodded. Wonder how expensive that will get?

He explained what we all already knew: That the closing date is only the goal date not set in stone. After the pre-drywall meeting, we'll get a letter with the actual closing date on it. (so maybe it will be July

We went to the lot together and it was graded down and staked already! =) He asked if we had any questions. J. is cool. We like him.

Our poor Rep, C., tried to take part in the meeting, but unfortunately, someone just showed up and took her attention the whole time. lol She is ALWAYS busy!

J. said he would give us weekly updates on Fridays. =) That excited me!

All and all a good meeting. It took about an hour. Our next official meeting with be with Guardian to stake out where the electrical will be, then the pre-dry wall.

Also found out a friend of a friend is moving into the neighborhood all the way from NY! So who knows! =)

Is all this really happening? It's VERY exciting!

Let the rest of the journey begin!! =)

we will have a public walkway in front of the house and around the corner. And YES, the developer will extend the road to at least cover our yard. lol We didn't want to drive in dirt to get to our driveway. So we will have a paved a road there. =) Eventually it will go all the down (you can see the posts for the other homes in the background).


  1. It's very exciting. We hope everything goes through as expected for you. Breaking ground is a wonderful feeling, as is every other piece of the puzzle thus far. Too bad we can't fast forward to where the house is finished and we are moved in...but the process is fun. As for your breaking ground date, we'll guess May 11th, the day after your guess, although we are hoping its sooner!!!

  2. Thanks! =) J. said they want to come do a little more to the lot before they "break ground". EEP!! I'm excited, apprehensive, but also excited.

    I'll enter your guess on the other blog. lol You never know!

    Thanks for commenting. It means a lot.

  3. All so exciting! My fingers are still crossed about the mortgage stuff!! Looks like you guys are just a week behind us, our tenative closing date is mid July!

  4. =) thanks for commenting Becky! I am very excited! I an trying to hold on to hope that we will get our approval around the same time we start breaking ground! =)

  5. How exciting. Must've been fun.
    If you don't get approval by then, will they still start breaking ground?
    What happenes if your approval is delayed for like a month or so, and they start building the house? Can they do that? Didn't think they could until approval? Am I wrong?

  6. We signed a contract stating they would build on a pre-approval. =) They were in a hurry to start the neighborhood and because of that, we got one hell of a deal (we were either the 1st or 2nd to sign a contract).
    They could still build the house, mark it up $15,000 from what we are paying and it would STILL be a steal for someone and they'd make more $$$ than they are making on us. So I think their bases are covered. =)

  7. Also...we had to be out in August at the latest where we are at now. So Ryan worked with us on that too. Now are landlords seem to be itching to get us out. The sooner the better. lol

  8. I'm glad to hear that you like your PM it is important to have a good communication with one another. Were you able to make any changes at the meeting or was everything the same as planned?