Wednesday, June 29, 2011

# 22 SINKS! (and small update and goodbye)

I guess I'll just keep going with this bathroom thing.  lol 

Our Upstairs Hall Bath has dual sinks!!  =D    I have 3 girls!!  The older two (9 and 6) fight over who gets to brush their teeth first all the time, and who is in who's way here with one sink.  I am so happy to be giving them a bigger bathroom with 2 sinks!  And to tell the truth, they are both really excited about it too!  I cannot describe their faces to you when they saw them.  "Lit Up" just barely scratches the surface.  =)  Glad to be making them happy again!

Now my 2 yr old care less at the moment.  But, I know sooner or later she'll be glad for that 2nd sink too.

So today's countdown is dual sinks!

I did drive by my house earlier.  They were in the middle of hanging the last of the shutters (hurray!).  And, the drive way, sidewalk, and curb had been all leveled and staked out for pouring.  They were working on the public walkway when I drove by.  I didn't get out.  I didn't get any pictures.  Better to wait until it's all done.

To Anon who pulled their contract:  You were the one we met, right?  Who's daughter my eldest played with at the model?  I'm sorry to see you go.  But like I said, we each have to do what's best for us.  And no 2 families are alike.  I wish you the best of luck in the future!


  1. Double vanities for the girls is awesome!!!

  2. Noey- yes our girls did play together. My daughter was not happy as she looked forward to playing with your girls but I always say the best is yet to come. I will say that Ryan did as much as they could to make amends and I appreciated that but we all have things that we just can not get over as much as we want to :( I know you will make that neighbirhood great!

  3. I'm glad your girls will have the space they need. Bathroom space is soooo important, especially for us girls!

  4. I am so happy you are ably to make your girls so happy! What a great feeling!! Since kassi gets that bathroom to herself we left it a one bowl and she is going to put a vanity chair under the other side! She is super happy! We don't have too much longer :)!!!!