Thursday, June 9, 2011

Well Crap!

I learned through other blogs that if you refer someone, Ryan gives you a $1000 credit (toward closing costs). I have blogged about this so much and talked it up on another site, If I had known, I would have asked anyone seriously considering going under contract in our nieghborhood to PLEASE drop my name!! And if I read the other blog correctly...They would also get a $1000 credit as well. Win/win!

We could use some help on CC. Couldn't we all?

Oh well....Live and learn.


  1. Sorry to tell you this Noey but that does not apply here in NC. It may be ok in other states but in NC it's against the law. I spoke with our SR about this and she said the purchaser will get the credit not the person who refered them.

  2. Well Fooey!!

    Well, if anyone is moving in my hood, drop my name (if I helped you make the decision to move there in any way) and get yourself $1000 in credit. lol

  3. LOL. Good way to look at it!

  4. LOL too funny but come on it would have been pretty sweet to get that extra credit rolled towards the closing cost. Having it against the law is pretty silly in my opinion. Now, I am curious it it applies in this area. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Wait...purchaser gets the credit?? Then why don't I just give Mr Existing-Homeowner $50 to go along with whatever I say....BAM $1000 credit!!!

    ....thinking more on it, I bet this is n/a for people using realtors. Basically, they'll give you $1000 credit instead of paying your realtor 2.5%...hmmm