Monday, June 27, 2011

What's left??/

Ok, so this what they are HOPEFUL to get done this week:

1.  Granite comes in and installed (some question as to this will happen this week or next though)
2.  Hvac, Plumbing, Eletrical Trim install and finish
3.  All the above inspections
4.  Driveway poured
5.  Carpet

I think he is hopeful that next week (he said "soon") we would
1.  Finish outside paint and put shutters up
2.  Sooner or later my stove will come and be installed.

I know we need andscaping to do too.

So um....What's left after that?

The floors will be done, all the rough work, the paint, the outside.....

Since we've never built before, what's left?  He warned us our house would be finished weeks before closing.  0.0  I know we have our pre-settlment the 20th and closing the 22nd.

What else is there guys?


  1. I think they do a bunch of inspections before closing.

  2. are all of the little details like the electrical outlet covers in? trim work painted? knobs on the cabinets (if you're getting them.) I think it's just a bunch of little stuff, and then of course the cleaners! DId you ever get to switch your granite, or confirm which one you are getting? (I liked them both, and hopefully you will be happy with whichever you end up with!)