Monday, June 6, 2011

*enter batman theme here*

If you saw my last comment on my last post, the title will make more sense. lol

This just in: Rates are at 4.25%! Guess who is going to lock in!?!?! I don't know if we can do it tonight, it's after 5. But I sent her a return email telling her to lock us in ASAP!

I'll comment again when it's finally done. BUT YAY!!

This is what this means for us:

A house about twice the size we are renting (new home: 2688 sq ft, rental 1900 sq ft) for only $100 more a month than we pay in rent!!

Bigger home, nicer home, the space we all need (no more hanging clothes off the beds!! God is soooo good!

At the beginning of all this, rates were 4.75%. Before we committed to anything we averaged EVERYTHING at 5.0%, just in case. When we knew we could do 5%, we started the process and contracts. From the beginning we figured: Estimate high and hope for the best! We were hoping for 4.5%. We joked that a 4.25% would be nothing short of a miracle. It was exactly what we REALLY wanted, but we didn't think it was possible and considered ourselves lucky if we got 4.5%. And then lately the market has been dropping and we dared to hope... Yup...God is good!

Now that we've lock in a rate, it shouldn't be long until Final Underwriting has our stuff!


  1. yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See HE knew what he was doing all along!

    This one is for you....

  2. YAAAY!! Congrats! I SOOO wish we were locking in right now :( We havent even broken ground yet.

    Great news Noey!!! I bet you sleep a bit easier tonight!

  3. LMBO @ Lady!!!

    Thanks guys!! And yes...tonight's sleep should be great! =)

  4. Wow, really? 4.25? I forget the type of loan you are getting - is it conventional or FHA? That's really awesome - I'm really happy for you, but even happier for ME if the rates stay that low! :)

  5. She said it was at 4.25% across the board, so I don't think it matters right now which one your looking at getting! =)

  6. Congrats to you!! We just started our journey today with the Mortgage company so it's to soon for us to think about locking in our rate which is at 4.375% today. Hopefully it will stay where it is until we can lock in. Congrats to you all.

  7. Noey, I just started my Ryan blog but never blogged before. Just trying to get mine out there....

  8. Thank ya'll!! =)

    And welcome Ronald and WodyJ! YAY!! New blogs to follow!! Welcome to our Ryan E-Neighborhood!

  9. @ Ronald: Our LO said the rates were the 4.375% too. But then she ran it all again around 4:30 and they had all dropped! She said it was 4.25% across the board. =)

    If you are following the rates here is a site I found most helpful:

    They have been pretty much spot on this entire time. I do know that per my LO, rates tend to follow the 10 year bonds. Anyway, check out the site. They usually post new posts btwn 4-5 daily (after the days activities so you can know what happened). But look around the whole site. I really found it helpful!

  10. Whoo hoo Noey! YOU DID IT..... Now all that is left is the underwriters hands. Hope it is a speedy respond. That is a pretty sweet rate.

  11. Thanks Stephanie!! We got the confirmation email from our LO saying she was locking us in. SO it's done! YAY!

  12. Congrats I hope!