Saturday, June 18, 2011

Freaking out just a tad

I have been thinking about my kitchen-to-be lately. I am freaking out about the granite choice. I think we should have picked something maybe with a little more honey in it?? I don't know.

I thought I was getting:

Ends up I think we're getting this:


When we changed our cabinets, we didn't look into the granite. We picked flooring that complimented the granite (or at least seemed too with the darker wood). We shall see!

Then of course in un-related house matters.... I am starting to NOT like the fact I am leaving my children for a few days. I won't even tech. be in the country. Makes me nervous. I have the best sitters in the world (family) but I'm going to miss them sooo much.

EDITED TO ADD~ Apparently there is a difference in St. Cecilia and Santa Cecelia granite. Google wants to ask for the first spelling, which is more honey in color. However Ryan offers the 2nd one, and it's more grey. So be careful when you google the choices you want. Be sure the spelling is correct!!!


  1. Its nice an bright, Noey! Im sure it will look fantastic! Is it Santa Cecilia?

  2. Yup. Online some of the St. C has more of a honey tone. But the more I looked at the pics I took, I think this is what it's going to look like. Not what I had envisioned at all. But, not as bad as I was thinking it was going to be either. lol

  3. Well. Didn't we learn from one of your previous granite posts about staining and care. You could try to purposely give them a a honey hue before sealing them.

    Seriously, squeezing a bottle of honey all over might work although you'd have no real control of the outcome. You'd have one-of-a-kind granite *shrugs*

  4. It is hard to envision what the granite will look like from the small samples. I had no idea what ours will look like and the model homes I have visited only had different colors. When the granite first came on the countertops they look absolutely gorgeous and I was sooo glad that we picked that color. When your granite goes in you will be amazed and happy with your choices believe me. No need to worry. :) You will love it.

    Have fun on your vacation! You and your hubby deserve it especially without the kids where you can just enjoy just the two of you. :)

  5. Thanks Noob. Glad to see someone likes it. Tons of views, no one likes it. lol *sigh*

    lol Wody. I needed that.

    Stephanie, thanks so much.

  6. Both choices look great and the panicky moments are natural, we've all had them our will have them. The main thing you need to do on this trip is relax. You've had a ton of stress on you over the last few months.

    Enjoy your trip! Don't worry about the kids they will be in great hands.

  7. It's ok, we'll freak out together! You and your granite; me and my hardwoods.

    Yeah, don't get me wrong. I like your colors, I was just trying to bring some humor to lighten you up.

    I intrigued myself though with the staining idea, so I researched it...and the verdict............not a good idea. One of the answers I read used the words "salvage yard." HAAHAHAAA

  8. Don't stress Noey. Both pictures look lovely. I love how bright and homey it looks. Mines all dark (not sure how I feel about the yet).

    We first had the Santa Cecilia but when I asked if I could pick out my slab they said no, so we changed it. I did this because when I went to Lowes, the sales woman showed me 4 VERY different samples of Santa Cecilia granite. You would be AMAZED how different they were from each other. SO that sample that the model has may not be the exact color you get. I LOVE the SC granite but when I saw how much they can vary, I didnt want to risk it and end up with one that had more yellow in it (we don't have any yellow tones)

    You could ask your PM if there is anyway you can pick out the slab you want. Mine said No but I didn't push the issue because I think inside I really wanted the Tan Brown in the kitchen anyway :) BUT we did get the SC granite in the bathrooms.

  9. Noey I think it looks great, either way! I love that you did a white kitchen. I always talk about how much I love them, but we didn't have that option in our house. It's going to look so FRESH!