Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Ok, so I looked at this LOVELY video a blogger posted on FB tonight of their house...man it gets me itching to move in!! But it made me wonder about the master bedroom sizes in the homes. And you know me, I have to research it. Out of a total of 16 models, I have one of the top biggest bedrooms!! (standard...no options added). I love that! Here are the stats if you're curious:

Venice 13'3 x 20'0
Colville 14'1 x 13'11
Milan 21'3 x 15'4 (mine!)
Naples 23'3 x 15'4
Rome 23'3 x 15'8 with a sitting are of 10'10 x 6'5 Standard

Ravenna 17'0 x 15'4
Verona 19'7 x 15'6
Pinecliff 16'0 x 15'3
Capri 13'3 x 16'0
Rosewood 12'3 x 20'6
Dorsey Hall 18'1 x 15'0
Canterbury 14'0 x 16'0

Avalon Standard 19'8 x 20'11
or 19'8 x 12'3 depending on the plan option pick
Genavieve 15'1 x 18'0 Optional sitting room is another 14'10 x 11'8
Ambercrest 15'6 x 17'0 Optional Sitting Room is another 15'6 x 11'6
Somerset 14'0 x 18'0 Optional Sitting Room is another 14'0 x 9'8

As a whole Ryan seems to have some pretty roomy master bedrooms!


  1. Agree with your last statement...doesn't seem to matter the overall size of the house, the master bedrooms are usually good size. You can add:

    Avalon 16'5 x 20'11 with sitting room 9'0 x 14'6 plus 2 monster walk in closets not in those dimensions.

  2. Ours down here are kinda small. :( We have:

    Jasmine Cove 14 x 15 1532 sq ft
    Orchid Bay 13 x 16 1976 sq ft
    Bonita Springs 14 x 16 2043 sq ft
    Sandpiper Point 14 x 16 opt sitting 13'11 x 9'4 2325 sq ft
    Palmetto Grove 13'7" x 14'4" OR
    Luxury suite 16'9" x 14'10" plus 12' x 8' sitting area. 2,444 sq ft
    *This is my model and we chose the Luxury "box" as the Hubs calls it. We also chose elevation C with cave 2 more feet to front rooms and the sunrrom wich gave 16'4" x 9'2" extra to the living room. So im not sure but I think the sq ft is somewhere around 2600 with our options.
    Heron Bay 16'4" x 16'6" 2,473 sg ft no options for added footage.
    *I hated this layout BTW. This and the Bonita Springs (which I liked for a 1 story) are the only two models they have for our development.

    All in all im happy with it. Yes it could be bigger but we have 5 bedrooms that are all pretty decent size. Wish we had basements in FL :(

  3. Im 20X14 ..not bad either...with two large walk in closets that have 26 feet of wall space for all my shoes! Yay!!!

  4. Ryan builds beautiful homes and spacious master bedrooms! I am so glad we all made our decision to build with ryan. You really do your research noey! You should work for ryan :)

  5. When I am curious about something...I research it! lol

    Work for Ryan? LMBO!! What would I do?? Research what they already have out there? LOL