Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Worker Bees, a pic for a blogger, and a story

Stopped by the house this evening to see the new garage door. I was surprised!! Workers were there! Putting up my siding! =) It was after 5 o'clock too! I told one of them hello and said they were doing a great job. He smiled and thanked me.

Some pics!

The Garage door was in, but it was up. I'll go back late tomorrow and see if I can't get a good picture. Siding should be done then too. Then we will need stonework done, but I know that happens separate from siding.

The drywall has been worked on too. No more nails showing! =)

Oh and I loved this one!! This is for one certain blogger... from me with love:

Our realtor saw this at our pre-drywall and commented on how she liked seeing that. It's on several windows throughout our house. =) She told me a story of how they have this closet that's under the stairs. After purchasing their home (new) they knocked out the back wall of the closet so they could utilize the space directly under the stairs for storage. SURPRISE!!! Guess what they found?

wait for it


Did you guess?

TRASH!!! That's right. Apparently under the stairs is where the workers threw their food and drinks and then walled it up! *gasp* Unbelievable! Now she purchased her home a few years ago. So it's not like it's something going on where I am now. But wow!! I'd been livid! You are just asking for ants and strange smells, and ... yeah. YUCK!

So when I saw these posted through out the house, and after hearing her story, it made me think of a particular blogger who is having issues with this in her building process. So I just had to share!

As for my place now, it's starting to come together! And I'm so pleased!


  1. Noey I love your siding! The color is beautiful, and I love how the peak is different from the rest. Can't wait to see the stonework in too. Your cabinets will be coming soon now (we saw ours and our countertops in the garage before they were installed) and that for me was when it felt the most real. :) What are those 3 rectangular pieces of drywall that are cut out (is that the family room?) in the second to last photo?

  2. Speaker holes!!! Surround sound. We have those 3 and then 2 circles in the ceiling (you can see them one on each side, up on the ceiling, closer to the the kitchen). Once the speakers are in, I'll take pics of them all of you.

    Thanks for the comment about my siding. The middle part of the front matches the sides and back. The peak and the top part of garage will be same with stone under the white cap. I can't wait to see it all finished, stone and all!

  3. Im printing those signs and UP they are going ALL OVER MY HOUSE!!!!!
    LOLOL. things are looking so good!

  4. Hey Noey...you know I am really trying to figure out what happened to those signs here in MD. im serious!! Im making my sign and posting it myself! :-)

  5. Do you have a fax #? I might could get one faxed to you... lol

    That's odd. You're building Ryan too! I can't believe they don't have those signs in your home. You should mention that to your Rep and PM. lol

    You could always make your own...photoshop it and put Ryan's logo on it (I never said this!) lol

  6. Those ladder look so high up its a wonder that the builders do not have a fear of heights. It is wayyyyy up there! The house sure is looking good! It sure is a beauty.

  7. Thanks Stephanie!! =)

    To tell you the truth...I have been so nervous. We didn't have houses in the area with these colors and elevation. I still feel like I'm holding my breath, waiting to exhale....hoping when it's all finished I will just be so in love. I hope the stone looks good....

  8. I Just read this....Kristine is having a hard time with her tub issues...:(


    So just to double check over your tub when they install it.
    Your house is looking great so far.

  9. Thank Anon!

    I just checked out her blog. OMGosh!! I can't believe the issues she is having! That is crazy. At this point I think I may have gone postal on someone! Crazy crazy crazy!!

    So far so good here. We've had an amazing experience so far. But I'm learning as we go. I have already be warned that at the pre-settlement meeting to go in and stop up and fill every sink and tub with some water. Then have our meeting. Afterwards we should go back and check each one and make sure they each held the water we put in them. I plan on doing this!!

    I will now also go over both our tubs "with a fine tooth comb" as they say and look for cracks! I can't believe Ryan hasn't fixed her 30 day issues and their 10 month is in August!!

    I have been following a TON of Ryan blogs. And so far she is only 2nd one to have a major problem with Ryan. And both of the bloggers live up north. I hate that each of them has had terrible experiences. I hope that they get fixed soon and Ryan does right by them.

    This is why we all blog. To share the REAL experiences we are having. The good and the bad. And it's a learning experience for us all.

    *hugs* to her!

  10. Noey the house is coming along great! I can't wait to see what it looks like when you add the stone.

    Oh and I forgot to mention the other day one of the managers here saw your house. They were looking at the model because they are thinking about moving and his wife wants to build the Verona. I told him to look at the Rome because I think it would really fit his needs a little better than the Verona.

    They are looking at either the Mills or Abington to build. Just thought I'd let you know you may have a new neighbor.

  11. @ Minaq: I wonder if it was him and his wife we saw on Sunday morning when we went out.

    We went out to snap some pics and a couple was looking at the Naples next to us. We thought they were going to be our neighbors to be, ends up nope! I think they had a daughter in the car. But he did mention the Rome and we're on their way the model (A vernoa). VERY nice people!

    Ryan can build what ever Abbington is selling in my neighborhood (The Mills). I know because my sister is looking into buying and has asked about several models already that were not in THE MILLS original design to build, but were being built in Abbington. Now she is looking a the HUGE Ambercrest model! 0.0

    Anyway....point being.... You can the same models that Abbington offers Tens of THOUSANDS less in the Mills. And it's only like 5 miles difference, if that.

    However, Abbington (ABGTN)is established while The Mills is just getting started. That may make a difference. ABGTN has a pool already open, while we wait for a developer to by up the property. However, we don't have HOA fees yet, and ABGTN does. We are in concord, ABNGTN is in Harrisburg (again less than 5 miles difference). We are have different schools. We also don't pay for trash pickup in The Mills. The City does that.

    Just some things for your friend to think about!!

    On a more personal note: I LOVE our Rep over here. She is so nice, polite, and willing to look up whatever you need. She sees herself there to help you. I have been over to the Rep in ABNGTN, she's a "B"! And I"m not the only one who thinks so. Both my mom and sister have gone over there too at different times and came back with the same report. For me personally, I would rather not work with an uppty "B". You know? But that's just me.

    I hope your friend was able to get some help making a decision. GL to them!

  12. Looking good Noey. It's amazing how far they have come in the process. I'm out of town for a week, I can't wait to see where they are when I return.

  13. It's definitely nice to see your dream house being built from the ground up. Paying attention to every detail regarding both your interior and exterior is advised to ensure that everything is going according to your plan. The unprofessional manner the workers displayed was very distasteful and I hope this incident won't make you think twice when hiring a professional construction company.

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