Friday, June 10, 2011

Options, Model Pics, and Update

So I went back over to the Model in our neighborhood today. Good news for anyone building in The Mills! MORE OPTIONS!! =) When we signed we only had 3 types of cabinets for the kitchen: Maple, dark cherry, or antique white (maple butter scotch). Now look!

It appears we have 6 options now! =) (mine is in the bottom right corner)
Expresso is on the far left.

They have also added the antique white as a bathroom option too!

Here are pictures for Vanessa. I'm sorry hon. It was the dark cherry in the model (Verona). But his is what the model looked like with it:

Now for some other random stuff:

These are the stools I want for our island

And here was the response I got from my PM concerning our siding and our updates:

Hey *Noey*, no worries, your siding colors will be the same that you selected at contract.

As we discussed on Wed., we are in drywall. They are hanging the house today. The house should be sanded and primed on the 17th. This is also the day your inside trim load will deliver. Other than drywall next week, we will install your garage door and should get wrapped up with siding and boxing (boxing is install the exterior trim features). Let me know if you have any questions.

Have a good weekend.


So that's it. Vanessa, I'm sorry the model didn't have the Expresso. But from looking at the samples it's just about black! Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Hopefully I can get by this weekend and get some pics of drywall! =)


  1. Thanks Noey! I'm so indecisive its sickening. I don't wanna do Maple Cognac and then want the darker one(cherry), but then I want the Espresso, but don't want to be too dark. IDK!!!!! lol.. But, thanks a bunch!

  2. no problem, I put this link on your blog:

    Check out the kitchen picture. I pretty sure it's the Expresso with the St. Cecelia granite tops in a different model. But it gives you an idea of what it looks like.

  3. Noey, I am going to start calling you Road Runner! Your are too quick!

  4. That is our Noey she is right on top of everything and looks out for us! She is quick and researches EVERYTHING! We bloggers are so lucky to have her. :) You rock Noey.

  5. Vanessa, to verify, the pic that Noey has linked in her comment is the Espresso (its what we're going with.) It is very dark but when you hold it up to day light, its definately not black. If you go with it, I recommend a lighter granite (ie, Santa Cecilia) which I think is the granite in the same pic, as Noey suggested.

    It is one of the popular new colors (my dad does kitchen remodeling.) The other is antique white. I guess they try to keep their options up to date.