Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh Snap!!! & # 21

I only have 3 more weeks until closing!!  You have GOT to be kidding me!!    Here has been my summer so far:


YAY We won a trip

Clean and pack for trip

Go on trip

Unpack from trip and do laundry

Start packing the house...slowly

Sister's bday

And I'm also planning my baby sister's bridal shower. I have to send invites out in about 5 weeks, so I'm trying to plan and pack. 0.0

Then there is our day-to-day life of raising the 3 kids and trying to keep their life as much "normal" as possible right now. DH is working longer hours (12-14 hr days 5 days week and a 10 hour day), so he's not around much to help right now.

I'm doing it alone. But, my MIL is helping pack whenever she can. She came over for an afternoon this past weekend and is coming again this weekend. Life is a bit crazy around here right now. lol So in the next 3 weeks I have to pretty much have all I can pack up, packed up. Wish me luck!! With DH gone, it's not as easy as I'd hoped. But, I'm determined to do it and make his life as easy as possible when it comes to packing.

Now on to the countdown . . . . # 21 THEIR OWN ROOMS!!

My kids get each have their own rooms!! I am MOST excited for this one. My eldest will be 10 in Novemeber (5 months) and she is tired of sharing a room with her 6 yr old sister. I don't blame her. She hasn't come right out and said it, but her frustration shows. She's a good kid.  She has tried to make the best of it.

They currently sleep in a bunkbed. She is ready for her "big" bed back. I think it's a full, but may be queen. She's ready for a quiet space to call all her own. I understand that.

My 6 yr old is also pretty excited about having her OWN room. But for her it's less about privacy and more about control. She knows she can forbid her sister from entering it and that makes her feel special. lol  I also know the first night in the new house will be hard for her. A big new room, all alone. She has been sharing a room with her sister since she was 3 1/2. It's gonna be a tough transition at night I think. But we'll get there. =)

And my baby girl, my 2 yr old will have a room to put most of her toys in and play.  (no more toys all over my den!)   It will be a real room! Not a storage room with her bed in it. =(     My kids will start having a NORMAL life again!! I can't tell you how much this means to not only me and their dad, but to each of them too. =)

Hmmmm....maybe when they get their own rooms, they'll be less bickering btwn the two.... One can always hope! lol


  1. One thing is for sure...its a summer you will never forget!!! 2011 woohooo!

  2. 2011...things to do LOL

  3. Here is a tip that worked for us when our girls were bickering...we didn't realize how much it impacted them until they told us recently. When they bickered and used the "I hate you" line, we would tell them to knock it off and remember that "if something happens to mom and dad tomorrow, all you will have is each other!" They truely love each other and are best friends even from half way across the country from each other now.

  4. Wow-your husband works so many hours during the day. He won't really have time to enjoy his new house since he'll come home and then sleep, huh?
    I bet the kids miss him a lot.
    Wow, closing is coming really fast. Good luck!:)

  5. Thank ya'll.

    Anon...It's not always this bad. Just over the summer it gets really bad. PLUS...they want him to work more hours to cover vacations of higher ups. He is being groomed for the higher up position as well, so he had to work the hours to prove himself and not get the pay or the perks of weekends and such off.

    It's not easy. And it's starting to get him. He hates working this much with no payoff. He sacrifices so much and when you don't get the payoff, you start to wonder if it's worth it or if you're being screwed over. He's been with the company 11 years. He has worked more hours than ANY OTHER manager there, sometimes through the night and all day the next day. He has more than proven himself in my eyes. I just hope this promotion comes soon so he can FINALLY work less hours and be less stressed. It's the working so hard with little or no compensation that is so hard on him and me. But, we know this season will pass. And we're hopeful he will get the promotion soon.

    In the late fall to early spring the hours aren't as bad. The girls miss him, I miss him, and he misses all of us. But, we all try to make the best of it. He said it will all be worth it if he can get the promotion and come home every night to our new home and family.

    So in the mean time, my job is to try and keep him as relaxed as possible when he is home and get as much done as I can for him.

  6. He sounds like a hard worker. I'm sure he will be rewarded with the promotion soon because of that, and with the help of you.:)

  7. That's our hope! Thanks Anon! =)

    And yes, he is a VERY hard worker as well a loyal and dedicated person. At work, but in his personal life too. He's good people.

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  9. I'm so excited for you Noey! I remeber having to share a room with my sister. SMH, it was a mess. We are totally different and she drove me crazy. When I got back from college and was "transitioning" lol, I had to share a room with a 16 year old who talked on her cell phone allllll day and night, messy and just plain irritating, not to mention I was working full time, in the mail room (not what I went to school for) which I hated, but it paid the bills. lol, the I know they will enjoy the privacy and I know your 6 year old will want to sleep in her sissy's room from time to time. Mine always wanted to sleep with me, but I had a twin bed so it was a long night! :)

    Your summer sounds like its going to been busy, yet rewarding! Just drink wine nd you'll be fine! lol, j/k Try to find a little time just to have for yourself and you'll be good, but wine does help!! :)

    @BD, that is so sweet! I am going to use that line if my kids bicker about stuff. My sister and I are so close, but thats because my mom passed when I was 13, my sis was 5, and brother 1 so we all always have had a pretty close bond! Your kids sound great! I know they are going to love your new place! :)

    Sorry Noey for such a long post! I'm feeling "wordy" today! :)