Sunday, June 12, 2011

Drywall, Jealousy, and the devil (ok...vampire)

Went by the house this morning. And we got some surprises!

Surprise #1. Siding was starting!!

Surprise #2. We have a window box! Say what!?!? =D

Surprise #3. All dry wall seems to be up.

Surprise #4. A vampire! Yup. You read that right.

Surprise #5. Jealousy hit!

Here are the pics:

SIDING! Only on the sides right now.


Stone Cap is on now too. The bottom half will be stone and top half siding.

Morning Room

Kitchen looking into den, and den

VAMPIRE!! We found this on our bedroom wall. GRRRRRR
(sorry for the quality of the picture)

We tried to erase it and now it looks like this:

And now for the jealousy part.

Our neighbors house is beautiful. He has siding up, almost complete, even shudders. I was tempted to take a pic and post it, but I'm not sure how they would feel about that, so I didn't. I did peaked through a window and it appears all his drywall is up too. I could be wrong. Maybe upstairs isn't done. But I wasn't going to go in and find out. It's not my house.

My house was started first, and we contracted first. So I was VERY jealous his house is ahead of mine!! Nothing I can do it about it though. *shrugs* It is what it is. I have several different colors of siding going on my house, so I'm sure it takes a bit longer to come in. I am happy that mine is still getting worked on. I'll have stop back by early in the week and see what they have accomplished. I am happy for my neibhbors though. I bet they are super excited! (And Rocky, I love your colors! It does look beautiful!)

So that's what it is today. =) Less than 6 more weeks and we will be home sweet home!

To give perspective this is what our lot looked like 1 month ago today:


  1. Don't be jealous! At least you have a house!! :D

    Now me, I am damn jealous! hehe

  2. Why on earth would they draw a vampire on your drywall?!?!

    I LOVE your response though!

    ...also you have BEAUTIFUL penmanship! They don't even teach cursive snymore at the schools some of my cast members children attend. So sad. Florida education is horendus

  3. I'm so jealous of the WINDOW BOX!! What a nice, homey touch. I HATE HATE HATE that Ryan wouldn't offer me the cottage style. (shakes fist).

  4. Nikki: *hugs*

    NBN: I have NO idea why they drew that! Why would anyone draw on our wall anyway? Let alone THAT! *smh* Crazy! Thanks! At first we were going to do a cross, but my hubby told me to write that instead. LOVED IT! As far as penmanship goes...I think I write hideously! This time was ok. I wasn't too embarrassed by it this time. lol

    RR: AW! They didn't offer the cottage looks where you are? I'm so sorry! I can't wait to put pretty flowers in that window box! =) I may find a way to put poinsettias in it a Christmas. lol

  5. Your siding looks beautiful love it! Seeing the siding up on the house for me makes it all more real like it is really happening! Very exciting stuff.

    Sheesh on the vampire cannot believe they drew on your wall. I mean sure I loved the twilight saga but come on that vampire is no Edward hehe.

    Your house sure has come a long way from just dirt on the ground to a house standing. Is realy cool to just look back on the progress.

    Looking great Noey!

  6. LOL Stephanie!!

    I have no idea where that Vamp came from. There was NOTHING written on any of the walls. Just this one thing, in the middle of our bedroom wall. CRAZY!!!

    I can't believe how much has been done in one month! I will be visiting a lot this week. I know when we get back, the house will be locked up! =(

  7. Noey, is there a messaging option thru blogger? I was going to ask you a "local" question and didn't want to post it to the world.

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  10. Wow Noey - it looks great!! I can't believe how fast that happened, only in a months time!! Before you know'll be living there! :)

  11. NN: Thanks!! I can't believe it either. It was my 9 yr old looking back through pictures who noticed the date on last picture and brought my attention to how much has been done in one month. CRAZY! But awesome!!

    According to my PM my garage door delivers today and trim (inside) "should be" done by weeks end! *eep!*