Thursday, June 2, 2011

Update on locking in

I contacted our Rep at NVR. I explained how our PM has us closing the 22nd and we REALLY need it to be that if possible. I told our Rep that we have our pre-drywall on Wed. and asked when we should know our final locked in day of closing.

Our Rep said they would get right on it and let me know!! They were excited to help out! YAY!!!

Then I contacted our loan officer and told her that our rep should be back to me soon on a final closing date so we can lock in the rate. I also told her we were expecting to hear on our loan THIS WEEK and kindly asked that she contact us if we had to wait longer.

So now we're back to waiting...but at least I know we are waiting for final answers. And NVR being willing to help us lock in our closing date is SUCH a big help! As soon as I know...ya'll will!


  1. Fingers are still crossed and prayers are still being sent up for your loan. I hope they are able to tell you yes finally between today and tomorrow.

    I'm happy to hear Ryan is being so helpful with you guys!

  2. I hope you hear something (positive!) soon so you can finally relax a bit about all of the mortgage stuff. I hope you have a giant bottle of champagne ready for when you hear the good news. :)

  3. I agree with Becky have a giant bottle of champagne ready and sparking apple cider for the kids and CELEBRATE!

    Sooo exciting that you are able to lock in soon. :)

  4. KUDOS! Yay! I have my fingers crossed that you don't have to wait past 30 more hours.

  5. I do have some wine (if we get it soon. Otherwise I can't promise it will make it through the weekend. lol). We are saving the champagne for after the move. ;)

    I did by sparkling grape juice for my kids. They call it "kids wine". I told them when we found out about the loan, and if we got it, they would come home from school to a very special snack, complete with "kid wine". It's out in the other refrigerator right now. I'm prepared! lol

    Thanks ya'll!! I'm hoping to know tonight...tomorrow at the latest. We "should have" known already. We were told only a week! That was 2 flippin' weeks ago!! So hopefully soon!!

  6. Hi Noey

    I am new to this blogging community, but I have went back and read your ENTIRE blog history. VERY informative. Wishing you luck, I am now waiting on the mortgage stuff to start(early in the process) but it is nerving already not knowing. So, praying for the best.

  7. I love the comment about the "kids wine" I love how you make the kids feel included in everything and I feel that is SOOOO important! You are a pretty awesome mom!!!!! :)

  8. Vanessa: WELCOME!! =D My goodness read the ENTIRE blog?? Are you tired yet? I would be! lol

    Seriously, welcome to our little blogging community we've dubbed Ryan E-neighbors! You have any questions, ask away! Are you thinking of blogging too? If so, let us know so we can all follow!

    I'm glad there was some stuff you found useful! And yes, the mortgage part is the most time consuming and frustrating. But congrats on starting the process!! =)

    Steph: AWWWWWWWWW! ty!

  9. Yes, the ENTIRE thing.. lol.. I have found many of the blogs I've read useful.

    I started my own blog it's

    I'm still trying to navigate this Blogger thingie though. So, bare with me.