Thursday, June 16, 2011

Countdown #30

I know I'm a little bit early in starting my countdown, but I'll be out of town when I'm suppose to start it. So... I figured I'd start early. =) Besides, this also gives me a few days to recoup from my trip. lol


So many things I like and am thankful for. I guess I'll start with


The Milan is offered with 5 different elevations in our neighborhood. And everyone one of them looks good. I don't think there was a bad one in the bunch! We ended up with Elevation L.

I am a really a big fan of this elevation on this model, but not on all the models. I do think it adds a little something to the Milan. It's also referred to as "the cottage look".

I love love LOVE the stone! And I love how the pillar up front looks. I love how it comes with the window box, nice front door and pretty garage door. I love accents around the bottom window, both the extra molding and the stone work. I also love the middle top two windows.

We weren't sure if we would do this elevation. But my hubby was set on having some kind of stone or brick. So we looked at the price of Elevation C vs. this one. The difference was only a few hundred dollars. So we did it.

In all honesty, I don't think the Milan Model has a bad elevation. We have looked over them all and I think everyone of them is nice. =) I think it's just a swanky looking house. ♥

So that's how I'm going to kick off my countdown. Being thankful for how beautiful this model all it's elevations! Inside and out!


  1. Hopefully this doesn't sound stalkerish, but we drove by your house today. We were in the area and wanted to see the neighborhood. Man, it is going to be a big neighborhood. We loved the clubhouse! ...and your house of course. We thought about going in but figured that would be really stalkerish, especially if you showed up!!!!

    We also drove through Abbington. It's really nice too but has a lot of very steep hills. I wouldn't want to go for a jog in there.

  2. lol No problem! You could have gone in! Any blog follower I know of can go look! lol At least until it's locked next week. lol

    I love the neighborhood. =)

    Abbington is nice. But a LOT more $$$$. And can you imagine those hills during our winter ice storm every year? lol

  3. Ha ...Ice in Abbington: nightmare for adults but heaven for sled-wielding kids.

  4. Great way to start out with the count down. I never thought about elevations! Good one. :) I also love the fact you can rate the blog I have never seen that before its pretty neat.

  5. Great start to your countdown. I love the cottage elevation, it gives a lot more charm to the look of your house with those added little details.