Tuesday, June 7, 2011

For those following the market:

Here is a website I found MOST useful to follow the market and what the current predictions are/were:


The following is an exert from yesterday's post:

"The Wall" was seen wavering last Wednesday, teetering in its most precarious position this year. But we needed more proof that it was ready to be toppled before declaring it had been torn down. That confirmation was granted by an unexpectedly weak Employment Situation Report on Friday. This data validated fears that the economy is not recovering at the pace previously thought. As a result, "The Wall" has fallen, paving a path for a potentially significant shift lower in home loan borrowing costs as we head into the summer months.

Feel free to check out the site daily. Most posts on Mortgage news are posted towards the end of the business day.

I found the site to be really pretty much spot on with everything.

Here is another sites I used to check daily rates:



  1. Thanks Noey, this info is very helpful. We plan to lock in in July 15th! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the rates stay low or actually drop until we lock in on the 15th! That gives us a 15 day cushion in case anything goes wrong!

  2. Glad to be of help!! Maybe you can lock in 4.0%! That would be awesome!!

  3. Great info Noey! Now I am wondering just how low it will go...hmmmm. Decisions!