Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Big Day Ahead

Busy Day today!!!

First of all, it's my middle girl's 6th birthday today!!

Here she is about to go to breakfast with my MIL (her grandmother). Man I hope I look that good at her age! =)

We also have our pre-drywall meeting today. Exciting right!?!? I can't wait!! However, it's is going to be 100 or so here today. Why is this a problem?

Well... Our meeting is at 4 p.m. Our girls are going to my sisters while we have it. So they get to play with their cousins. YAY! However, directly after the meeting we have to meet my FIL at Olive Garden for my girl's birthday. Do you see where this problem lies? In house, with NO air, heat of the day here (heat index expected to be over 100), for an hour. Getting sweaty and stinky. Then straight to Olive Garden for her birthday dinner. YUCK! We're going to stink!!

I'm hoping we'll have enough time to pick up the kids, stop off at home so I can pull my hair back and jump in a quick shower, then go to dinner. Actually, I'm going to MAKE my husband do this. We just may have to be late for dinner. ;)

My girl really wanted Olive Garden for dinner. So that's where we are going. We even promised her dessert. Her party is Saturday. So she gets breakfast and dinner out today! =) ♥

PM asked that our pre-drywall be today, and since it was my husband's 1/2 day (he gets off around 3), it seemed like a good idea at the time. lol I am excited to do the meeting!! Our digital SLR is all charged up so hubby can get "really good pictures" of the behind the wall stuff. My point and shoot is not good enough it seems. lol

So we have a really big day all around today! I'm excited! =D


  1. Sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you but its all fun! Gearing up for your daughters birthday and getting to see your house. Hopefully the heat will not get to be so bad. Have a fun day and I hope to hear the results of the meeting today. :)

  2. Great day it will be! That's funny, I am planning to take my larger point and shoot today as if the small one I have been using won't be good enough. lol. Good luck.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Just take some wipes with you and get some mini deodorant sticks from CVS so you can camouflage the funk!

  4. Happy Birthday to your daughter! She's a cutie! Have fun at the meeting, and I agree wtih LaLady...take along some deodorant in case you can't make it back home. Once the drywall is up it will feel so much more real, can't wait to see the pictures. And I cannot imagine a heat index over 100! I will take snow 6 months out of the year over Southern heat any day!