Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ryan Change their policy? Inspection changes?? Confused.

My PM said something the other day that got me thinking....

At our Pre-drywall he mentioned a 6 month inspection. I just looked it up on our paperwork.... It mentions a 6 month inspection, and then later on mentions an 11 month. Did they do away with the 30 day inspection? And is the 10 month inspection now a 6 month inspection?

I never caught that before! I had mentioned 10/11 month inspections to both our Rep and PM (at that meeting acutally) and NO ONE ever corrected me. WHAT!?

The paper is a bit confusing. It reads:
" a 6 month inspection, our warranty is one of the best in the business."

But below it it lists a 1 yr Drywall Inspection and says "call Ryan Homes approximately 11 months after closing to schedule appointment"

Can you see why I'm a bit confused?

I emailed our Rep yesterday to see if she can shine some light on this. I am so confused. And of course, no answer. Not even a "I'm checking on it". And now she is off until Saturday.

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE our Rep!!! She has been phenomenal in so many ways. However..she is not getting that coveted 10. I sent her an email over a week ago about the dimensions of where the fridge would go (our PM said to contact her). I STILL haven't heard back.

I don't call because I have kids and trying to have a phone conversations is like trying to walk the tight takes talent, balance, and concentration I just don't have with 3 kids who just HAVE to pick when you are on the phone to have issues. Plus, most stuff I ask of her I know she needs time to look up. So I figure shoot her an email, and I should get some kind of response in 24 hours. Not days or weeks. So as great as she is, and she is great, her ability to answer email has earned her less than 10.

So anyway...can anyone else shine some light on this for me? Have you noticed changes?


  1. Ok... Ryan sends you a congrats letter of sorts when you contract. In looking over ours, dated April 13th 2011 (after we got pre-approval), it states:

    After Settlement: Approximately four (4) weeks after your closing, your Project Manager will contact you to schedule a Post-Settlement follow-Up meeting. After any items identified during that meeting are completed, your Service Manager will take over the responsibility and handle any future warranty requests. Approximately nine (9) months after settlement, your Service Manager will contact you to schedule your Final Review meeting. no two things, or people, are telling me the same thing. GRRR

  2. Hey Noey I have understood a 30 and another at the one year mark. You are right on the whole getting back at us part from our rep. I usually get a response back after I have called several times or email again. I have a question for you, do you have any good information as far anyone going to start developing the community yet? Your house is looking so awesome! I love the garage door and the elevation you guys choose. We decided to go simple on ours because we are planning on doing the stone look ourselves. My little brother is a Mr does it all so we'll be saving a little bit of money there. I was also thinking of changing our garage door later in the future. Any way if you guys want to meet one day or just get together to talk about anything do not hesitate, after all we will be right next to each

  3. Hmmm.... Last I heard, J. said several developers have been looking into the property and touring it. So there IS interest. However, he also said interest wasn't the problem, it's securing the financing. So God only knows at this point. I guess whoever comes to the table with secured financing first. Could be a few months, could a year or longer. *shrugs*

    I love your elevation! The colors look great on it. =) We didn't know anyone that could help us out later, and since we plan on putting our girls through college in this house, we went for wanted upfront. We do want a fence (for the dog) and some stonework eventually out back. I want to extend the patio and add a fire pit too. =)

    I think it's so cool you guys have a family member that can help you out!

    As far as our Rep goes. I do love her, but she is not the best at getting back to you in a timely manner. My sister is looking to build in there and she is not real thrilled with the lack of response either. I told her to talk to L. instead. She can do everything C. can as far as I know. But like me, they really like C. too. *shrugs*

    I'm so glad ya'll are going to be my neighbors. I am soooo neighbor shy/scared at this point. Living where we do now has definitely had a negative impact on me. I really don't want crazy people anymore. lol

  4. I haven't heard anything about changes. For us it is supposed to be 30 day and 10 month. However we've been in our house since October and are STILL waiting on things from our 30 day to be fixed. So I'm not sure.

  5. I really hope they find someone to develop I am really worried about not having any street lights around our area. also I would have loved to have the pool finish asap but i'm guessing that will not happen for a while. Im also glad my brother is here he's going to help us with the wooden flooring, light fixtures in every room, granite countertops etc.. Its funny that you mention your ideas because we have the same ideas. We do want to put up a fence first before anything, and then we would love to buy our girls a playground, and eventually do nice looking stone slab for our outside patio set. We have also had some really bad neighbor experiences for some reason we always have weird people. Usually we just stay to ourselves so we wont be worrying about them, but I am glad we have a good start so we wont have to worry about that.

  6. Kristine, I have read your blog. I cannot believe the troubles you have had or how you have been treated (pretty much ignored). It makes my stomach turn! I am following you closely! Thanks!

  7. Rocky: I'm not sure, but in our old neighbor hood we could call the power company have them put a street light up in our yard for like $7 a month or something. I don't know if it's something they can still do, but it might be worth looking into.

    As far as the pool goes, we belong to a neighborhood pool about 6 minutes from the house. =) They open it up to a certain # of outside members a year for a fee. I usually get the notice and application mailed to me in March. I can make you copy and drop off to you if our pool still doesn't look any closer to opening, if you'd like.

    With the elementary school so close, we plan on taking the kids on walks and going to there to play, at least for a little while. We have the girl's elementary school now real close, as we have done it. =)

    We usually try to stay to ourselves and stay pretty private. (hard to believe with a public blog, right? lol) When we moved here we actually became friends with the neighbors and thought it was the best thing ever! Then the bottom fell out. Now we're scared again. lol Sounds like we've both been through the "neighbor" ringer. I have feeling we are both going to love our new places!

  8. Oh....and.... any outside changes you want to do (stonework and such) do it before the HOA is put in place! Then you'll need approved by them!

  9. I'm sure the rep is bombarded by emails and phone calls by everyone building/looking to build about every little thing, so things get overlooked. Plus the world won't end if it's next week when you get the answer to this as the house isn't even finished yet.
    What about that "coveted 10" in patience? ;)

  10. I'm sure she is Anon. But before the building in the neighborhood took off, this was the way she has always been. We actually DID need that info by tomorrow b/c my FIL was considering getting a deal on fridge for us this weekend for our new place. So it WAS time sensitive. And her job is to get back to us ASAP. I emailed her on the 9th. I still have not heard about it. My sister has issues too with her not getting back to her, and my neighbor. It's not just me. It's not hard to hit the reply button and say "I got your email, I'm working on it and will get back with you soon." hit Send. See...less than 25 seconds.
    I have worked in customer service, as does my DH now. There is NO excuse for not getting back to someone in 24 hours and letting them know something. That's just bad business in my eyes. And as far as I am aware, that coveted 10 is how I see how business was. So there for, no 10.
    As far as a 10 in patience goes...I have exhausted my patience with waiting and waiting and sending several emails in order to get answers about most things. You may not agree, and that's fine. But I would suggest anyone having a question just show up and ask her and not leave until you have it.

  11. Hi Noey -it is the other neighbor down the road--when I have issues getting in touch with C- I have my realtor deal with it- tends to go by quicker when I can not get out there-as she is slow to respond at times. We went to the neighborhood the other night and all the houses are looking great- we can not wait to start:) L is also good to deal with and had answered some things when i could not get in touch with C- call her tomorrow and she is always quick to respond and pick up the phone as well. I have always had neighbor drama- lets just be best friends from the get go and then no worries :) Also I did hear from my realtor that the worse case scenario thus far on the pool is 2013---not bad. Have a great vacation

  12. Hey girl! 2013 isn't bad. I know that having a pool will a big draw for families, so you know someone is going to want to do that. lol

    L. has helped us out a few times. And DUH!!! MY realtor!! I'm such an idiot!! I'll have her do all the asking from now on. I hate to bother (she's pregnant!! ♥) but this is her job. So I will. lol Plus, she always asking if there is anything she can do to let her know. =) She is awesome!

    You had neighbor drama too? I'm so sorry. Looks like our street is turning into a safe haven for people who are done with drama. lol
    So hopefully we'll have a pretty good street.

    Can't wait to see your house going up! =)

  13. My rep talked about this today. He said there is a 30 day, 9-10 month, and 1yr drywall. (Yet again, a different answer.)

    He also said it has been changed a few times b/c different people (at Ryan) feel differently about it. Hence the confusion.