Friday, June 24, 2011

Went by the house today...... EDITED 2

So of COURSE I went by the house this morning. =) My PM noticed me drive up and came straight over to say hello. I love him! He was explaining about moving some of the electrical work outside to a corner of the yard for later, so this way no one will tear up the yard later. He thinks of everything. =) He also told me about extending the curb and that next week we hope to have:

1. The rest of the shutters put up (on the stone side)
2. More electrical done inside and plumbing so we can start up inspections again
3. Counter tops put in
4. Driveway poured

I think that was everything, but who knows. lol He asked if I had been in yet, and of course the answer was "nope". So we chatted quickly and then I was off to take some pics. The wonderful hard "worker bees" were upstairs installing the cabinets and flooring in the bathrooms up there. I was NOT going to get in their way. But since they were upstairs, I took the girls on a tour of downstairs. Here are some pics:

It's a real fireplace now!

I have banisters!

A Kitchen!!

For my Fridge! I see what they meant by no crown molding on the cabinets offered because of this space here. NO ROOM! Make sense! We may opt to have it added to the other stuff later though

Taken through the outside window

Still needs shutters on the one side (They've been ordered), some paint, and gutters, but hey... I'm thrilled!


Ok, it's about 4 pm and here is what I got from our most Awesome PM (yup even though we talked, he STILL emailed me!! He's sooo getting a 10!)

Hey, I hope this finds you doing well.

As we discussed earlier today, we were able to complete the stone veneer this week. As far as the exterior goes, we are looking to get set up for a driveway toward the end of the week next week.

The inside of the house is turning out great, I love your cabinets. We were able to get the interior trim installed along with the wall tile. We also caulked and painted the interior trim. Today they are installing the flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms. Your appliances also delivered today. Next week we are looking to get the plumbers, electricians, HVAC guys, and guardian back in to trim out the house. Once this is complete we will be able to go for our inspections. After these pass we can install the meters on the house and get the systems started up. If all goes well we will be installing carpet at the end of the week.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, and have a good weekend.



Edited Again....#2

We went back by the house this evening. WOW!! =) Bathrooms have flooring, cabinets, sinks, and tile! =) We also had flooring in the kitchen/mudroom/morning room and in the laundry room. Our microwave was installed and the dishwasher was sitting in our den. No sign of our stove though. =/

I hope they aren't finished with the flooring though. The kitchen floor (is gorgeous and will match the granite!)had issues. Especially along the walls. It was in no way secure and came up and out from the wall. NOT HAPPY. But I am hoping they just laid it down and will come back tomorrow to finish up.

I forgot to put the SD card in the camera, so no pics. Sorry. =( Can you imagine my disappointment? =/ I will go back tomorrow evening WITH the SD card and take pics. If the flooring isn't fixed, I'll send copies to my PM.

Over all...pretty darn happy though.


  1. Looks fantastic Noey! Are your walls going to be that cream color when you move in? It looks like that is how it is in the picture of your fireplace. I like that, ours are bright white so I feel like I need to paint immediately. I'd be able to live for a while with your color if we got that instead. Love your cabinets too! Can't wait to see it with the granite.

    Your girls are so cute, and they look really excited too. I couldn't believe how flat your land is already, but then I remembered you didn't have a basement hole dug out like us northerners. :) Ours just has piles of dirt everywhere!

  2. Thanks Becky!! =) And yes... cream walls! =) I'm so glad they aren't stark white. lol I'd feel the need to paint asap too. lol

    Thanks so much. My girls are starting to get excited and we can't wait for the counter tops either! I'm surprised how flat they have kept the yard so far. I hope it stays that way!!!!

  3. YAY Looks great Noey!! I love your stone! I have rock envy. lol Welcome home btw.

  4. Noey ~ LOVE YOUR looks beautiful so far. I can't wait to see your kitchen all finished! Your girls are just adorable!! Glad you had a nice time on your trip! I am so happy for you and your family!! GS