Friday, June 10, 2011

Bloggers: Who is/was effected?

So last night, while going through the blogs, I read that some of you in the north now have some changes.

1. Siding: Apparently Ryan has changed who they are doing siding with and some of you have to re-pick out siding.

2. More options!! I know that some of you know have the cabinets I'm getting as an option. =)

So here are my questions:

1. Who all has to re-do their siding picks?

2. How far in the process are you if you do? Our siding was suppose to start today or tomorrow. I have sent emails to my PM and Rep, but I know my Rep is off today to see if this effects us.

3. How many cabinet choices do you have now? Here you only had 3 in my locations. Maple, Super Dark Cherry (black almost), and the antique white. I know some of you still had true cherry cabinets to chose from at a time. Do you still get those?

4. Is anyone going to try to change their cabinets?

5. Are there any more changes?

Looking forward to your responses! As soon as I hear from my PM I'll let you know what's going on here.


  1. Technically we didn't get to re-pick. I got a call yesterday from our salesperson telling that we had to come in and sign a change order. The siding was delivered yesterday. He said it's practically the same color we had picked (obviously its a different name though), it's just a tad lighter...hopefully not too much lighter becuase a lot of houses on the street already have lighter tan colors. And if we don't like it, I'm not sure what to do, we close in just under 2 weeks. We'll see what happens.

  2. Man I dont know what I would do if they changed our colors. All I know is that the wifey will be very

  3. We are going to visit the model this weekend to re-pick our siding. Off the top of my head I know the brick, stone and siding has definitely changed. There has definitely been a cabinet change since I know the antique white was not available in December, but we saw it in the model the last time we were there.

  4. Luckily it did not affect us. All of our colors are already in and installed in our home. I am glad we did not have to change colors since that would be a major pain.

  5. Regarding cabinets, I think they are still Timberlake cabinets, same as before. They just added more choices.

  6. In our neighborhood, there were recent changes that were already in effect when we signed.

    - Siding, changed to Hardie Plank instead of vinyl, which is a good thing (see

    - Tankless water heater, if you have changes coming, ask if this is one of them

    - cabinet colors, again, still Timberlake, just more color options

    I know some included items are neighborhood specific though.

  7. Our siding was completed last week and it was as we ordered it. We must have just missed the cut off, or maybe they still had some of our color in stock.

    I haven't been back to the model to compare, but when we picked our cabinet selections, I think there were 8 to choose from. Our sales rep said that as they get feedback from the home owners, that is how they determine some of the changes, so maybe a lot of people had complained in those areas that only had a few selections and now they have more. I know the morning room in our model used to be smaller, but because of the complaints, they have now expanded it to go past the kitchen. I've also noticed that we have more front shutters on our house than the same elevations that have already been built, so I am wondering if that was another change (in our favor) on ours.

  8. We were told there would be no problem or change in our siding. But now they've run out of siding. As of yesterday, they hadn't worked on it at all. I'm praying there is enough somewhere to finish the house and we don't have to re-do it. I know, I'm a worry wart.