Friday, June 17, 2011

Trim and a Teaser

My Trim Load dropped today! YAY!!

We have the baseboards, the doors, the door molding, the screens, the cabinets, the mantel.... SO EXCITING!!

Here are some pics:





We also had a thought... even though we got the highest upgrade of cabinet, we may not have gotten the crown molding. =( We REALLY wanted it. Every picture I found online had it. Our wonderful Rep never mentioned anything to us either way, but then again, we should have asked and not assumed. Kinda sad about that one. But the good news is our cabinets have raised panels and are plenty decorative. So we'll be okay. Just kinda stinks this is something we did not cross our T's and dot our I's over. Lesson learned. If you guys want them... make sure to ask if it's included or if it's an upgrade. And if you need a change order, do it BEFORE the Pre-con meeting. We do have a call in to our Rep, just to make sure...

Now for the teaser. . . .

I'll be gone next week (man I'm going to have DT's from withdrawal from ya'll), and here is what my PM says the schedule is for next week:

The cabinets will be installed on Monday and the trim and doors will be installed on Tuesday. Wednesday we will do some drywall and start caulking the trim to the walls. On Thursday, we will do a second paint. Friday we will install the flooring at the bathrooms and the kitchen.

As far as the exterior, I have the stone scheduled to start on Tuesday and they should be finished by the end of the week. Duke Power did install their undergrounds to the meter base, however the power does not get turned on until after the electricians install their fixtures and go through a final inspection. We still have a couple of weeks until this happens. They will remove the meter from the temp pole and install it on the house. Once the meter is on, we will have power.

Let me know if you have any questions.


So when I get back, I should have some AWESOME pics for you!!! =)


  1. I paid for the crown in my house that I building. It wa one of my last change orders before my pre con i nthe next few weeks--how much would it be to add after the pre construction

  2. exciting! :) We didn't get the crown molding, but I may look into seeing how much it would be to add ourselves. My rep said it was several hundred dollars (although I've read on the blogs someone say it was only $75 for them) so it might vary significantly by region, etc. I'm still going to do the ol' rope light trick up there, and probably add some decorative glass bottles or plants for the time being.

    I've heard you, and several others in blog world mention upgrades your rep never mentioned...Did you get a master list of all upgrades that are options for your area and model? That was one of the first things we was probably 7-10 pages long and it went through and listed every upgrade by room, and the prices for our model. I'm wondering why this wouldn't be standard for everyone? It seems so simple of a thing for Ryan to offer, and probably save a lot of time and change orders for everyone after the selection meetings!

  3. Anon: You can't. Once construction started, you can't add them.

    Becky: My Rep never gave us a sheet of upgrades. We've never built before and didn't know to ask. (and yes, she was aware we never built before). I do believe if you buy a "premium lot" the molding may come standard.

    I did find out on our model home, even with the upgraded cabinets, it couldn't come standard because of the vents in the kitchen. (we have 42" cabinets) To have the crown molding in our kitchen, it would block some of the vents in the kitchen. So other arrangements I guess would need to be made? She was saying that there wouldn't be molding over by the refrigerator because of the vents. And to mee it would be extremely tacky to only have part of the kitchen with molding and the other part not. So... It turned out for the best for us I guess.

    I think I'm going to add some greenery up there. =) Ivy or plants. =)

  4. We got the crown on the cabinets. It was $375. We didn't get it throughout the house because all the offered was the standard crown and I want a more elaborate egg & dart moulding. We also didnt get it because I want a coffered ceiling in the dining room, chair railing thoughout the house and wanescoating (sp) throughout. We figured we would just do it all after...and I will hold the hubby to that!

    NOW...from all my friends who have build, they told me (on the DL) that if you go when your trim guy is there and say "hey I really wanted crown moulding but it was never much would it be to do it now" ...9 times out of 10 they will charge you a fraction of the price and do it for cash "under the table"

    Just a suggestion ;)

  5. Nice under the table suggestion Noob.
    I thought about doing this but wasn't sure if it would work and if I'd get

    I can't believe someone else wants coffered ceiling in the dining. That is exactly what Im planning on doing (2nd after the hall tree.) I was originally going to do it in the family room and kitchen but since all the plans have that air duct drop in the ceiling, I didn't want to draw more attention to the ceiling..probably wouldn't look right.

    On the subject of wainscoting, how do you plan to handle the baseboard? I have seen some faux projects online but they use 1/4" so it just sits on top of the existing baseboard...looks kinda cheap to me so I was planning on replacing baseboard in the areas where I am going to do wainscoting. Of course this becomes a bigger project then.

    I was hoping Ryan offered options on baseboard but the only option is to a 5 1/4" instead of the 3 1/2" (don't quote me on those measurements, it was basically adding 2".)

    I LOVE WAINSCOTING, COFFERED CEILINGS, AND BEADBOARD...there will definately be more posts from me on these projects : )

  6. Noob: We were wondering about that but

    1. We won't be in the country to meet with them
    2. With our ceilings and vents, I think I'll live
    3. PM said unless they are on the invoice they wouldn't be in the box.

    I know one blogger got FREE crown molding from her PM. She asked about it, it came in the box with cabinets, and viola! He said he'd just do it for her...FREE!! She had a GREAT PM!! lol We were hoping our PM would let us know if they were in the box, b/c we were willing to cut deals! But he said they wouldn't be there. And then we called our Rep who explained the vent issue so... I guess we're good! Would have been a classy touch, but oh well. We're good!

    Wody: um... I am off to google all those things as I have NO idea what they are. But I know I want to see the posts on them!

  7. OMGOSH!! I love those things too!! I never knew what they were called, but I LOVE THEM!! They are household projects for later. ;)

  8. Ha...Noey, you're hillarious!

  9. Noey we've never built either, and I would have never known to ask for such list if it wasn't given to us. Hopefully people reading this who are still picking selections will ask if they are interested in seeing the list for their models. It gave us a chance to go home and look over options and prices, and really think about the cost and not pick something spur of the moment with a sales rep waiting on us to decide. I'm sort of an impulse buyer when I see something pretty, which could be dangerous as I am sitting there in the model surrounded by practically everything upgraded. :) And when I say "sort of" that's actually quite an understatement :)

  10. @Becky - we were given the options list too...our's was 21 pages long. Our cabinets will have the crown molding, plus we added the Interior Chair Rail moulding package, the Interior Crown moulding package, and the Interior Trim upgrade which I forget exactly what that was except I think it extended the chair rail and crown moulding package to more then just the dining room and living the entire foyer and upstairs hallway too.

    PS...we broke ground today and still have 6 un-finilized change requests. Our sales rep has not said anything about not being able to make anymore changes and I am not going to ask that question...

  11. Forgot to and hubby enjoy your vacation...enjoy the time with just each don't get that opportunity that often, so enjoy!!!!

  12. @wodyj Yes We plan on just replacing the baseboard when we get to doing the wainscoting. I've looked online too and really don't like it when its just sits on top of it. Kinda stinks to waste good baseboard, but RH down here didn't off any kind of upgraded trim at all (except for crown on cabs which we got and crown in downstairs foyer, dining and entry which we didn't get because all they have is standard and I want a more intricate beadboard) I almost pushed the start back so I could get the tray ceiling in the dining too (we have it in the master bedroom) but then I saw pictures of the coffered and like that alot better. My only problem is the dining room is on the small side, but its OK I want it anyway.

    I wish RH offered the chair rail and wainscoting down here :( Also wish they had an upgrade to the crown, but at least its all stuff that can be easily remedied. Just easier to already have all that done to begin with. BUT it should be fun projects :)