Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Guardian Meeting #2 and PM update

We met at the house today and decided where everything should go. The actual meeting did not take that long and I got to wear this fabulous neon orange hard hat. lol was hideous!

Not much to it guys! =) Our Guardian guys is nice. Not very outgoing, but nice and knows his stuff. =)

The house was crawling with people! The HVAC people were there working and so were the electricians. There were people and stuff EVERYWHERE!! And the heat index here is 104! So it's a hot one!!

I also hear back from our PM about a few concerns of mine. I told him about the windows, asked him about the holes in the corners, told him about the stair and expressed a concern about our driveway-to-be. Here was his repsonse:

Hey, the areas where the t-ply is knock through at the top of the gables is for the crane hook. These areas will be patched. This has to be done so the framers can lift the truss and place it on top of the house.

I have already ordered some stair tread material to replace the damaged tread.

I have also ordered the small broken transom at the front gable. I just noticed the other window and will order this when I get back in town (I have to check the prints for the size and part number).

As for the driveway, I spoke with your neighbor yesterday. The pooling of the water was a result of the grading being rough and incomplete, not so much the driveway. His drive way has to have a pitch to allow the water to move across it and into the swell. As for your driveway, I am unsure if noticeable pitch will be needed. It is hard to tell until they get the driveway formed. It is only noticeable before the grade is finished. Once the grade is complete and the sod is finished it will all tie together.

I'm not sure about all the driveway stuff.... But it looks like ours "should be" pretty flat. We'll see. It's good to know that he was on top of some other things I was worried about. =)

Our pre-drywall is next Wed at 4! =)


  1. Sounds good Noey. By the way, the word he was saying was actually 'swale'. Janice and I were unfamiliar with that word and thought our sales rep had a funny accent when saying the word 'swell'. We laughed later when we found out it's a word that describes a land feature:

  2. We didn't get meetings with Guardian. Just as well...I probably would have found more things we "needed" to have. :) Glad your PM is so responsive to settle your concerns. You definitely should have taken a pic of you in the orange hat, I bet it would be the next fashion trend. :)

  3. Looks like your PM is on top of things and that is good to hear. Having a good relationship with your PM IS a good thing. You will have fun at to your pre-dry wall meeting. Ours lasted a hour so be sure to snap a picture of every wall with your camera.

  4. Thanks!!

    Yeah...we're taking the SLR camera to the pre-drywall...not the pocket sized camera. lol