Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hey girl!! Where are you? We are all left wondering what happened with the wiring and not-so-great PM you have?

I have re-read the comments and I agree with them all!! If they don't get their act together...walk away and SUE SUE SUE!!! Get your money back and make a big stink about it all!! I cannot believe all you have had to go through so far. The bloggers are right, you haven't closed yet. And with all you've been through I don't think there is a judge or jury out there that wouldn't give you your money back AND make Ryan cover your attorney costs.

Anyway, point being, I'm worried about you. I hope you're ok and Ryan has stepped up and fixed EVERYTHING and your PM got off his lazy butt and has given you a closing date.

*great big hugs*

We miss you!! We're all worried about you!

Oh...and how did Kody do at his new therapy place?

Blogger execs: you really need to find a way for us to have home pages for private messages or some kind of blogger mail box or chat feature.... Just an idea.


  1. must have read my mind...I was just thinking the same thing as you.

  2. Noey-- you are so on point!
    All I can say is DITTO THAT....ALL THAT!

  3. She posted ya'll!! Her answer is in her blog! =D Happy reading! SO SO SO SO happy for her!