Monday, June 27, 2011

Granite is in! And the verdict is...... In between!!!

Well, I stopped by today and talked to our Rep (see the other post for the update on the fence thing).  I also went by the house and the granite was in as well as our shower.  =)  YAY!!

I was THRILLED with the granite.  It wasn't as dark a honey as the first picture of my last "granite" blog, and not as gray as the 2nd.  It was a good in between mix and I'm thrilled!

I pulled back the protective layer.  A nice light honey!  =)  Now the space on the
wall behind it will also be covered in granite once the electrical is complete as well.

My Eldest Niece and my 2 eldest girls


Towel Bar!!  Hubby thought we needed to purchase these.  =)

Wish we had working lights right now to really see it.  The morning room is off to the left


That's it!  So far so good.  =)                                              I am a happy camper!


  1. Noey ~ One word...BEAUTIFUL!!!


  2. That color granite looks really great with your off-white cabinets! Its really starting to come together!

  3. Looks great! I love that combo =)

  4. Looks fantastic...soon you will be cooking in that beautiful kitchen!!!

  5. Your selections came out really beautiful! I love that antique white and your granite countertops look really good! They do not look gray like we feared but definitely in the middle which I like! I can't wait to see everything once it's all done!!! ;)

  6. See Noey....nothing to worry about! It looks BEAUTIFUL together! I couldn't imagine any other color with it actualy. Very nice and bright!

  7. Thanks everyone! I appreciate it. I do love it. But without light it is kinda hard to tell from the pictures. I'll probably post again later once there is light. lol

  8. Just beautiful! I love your selections. Now I have to go by this week and see what is going on at my place.

  9. Hey Noob! I think I saw the Ubba Tuba with it online. lol

    Thanks Again everyone!

    Yeah, ATNS!!! We'd all love to see! lol

  10. ooh, it turned out beautiful Noey! I love it!