Friday, June 3, 2011

Inspection Today!

So my husband's uncle inspected the house this afternoon. Overall he was impressed with the quality of the house. =D So that's good news.

However he did find 5 issues of concern:

1. Sliding door needs a better seal. At the bottom daylight is coming through which means eventually water will come through and ruin the floor.

2. There doesn't appear to be any venting in the roof of the morning room. The work appears to be done, but per code, it must be vented. What are the plans to vent this room?

3. Easily half of all the windows, where they cut the house wrap, has been taped already, but not all the way. You can still see cracks and splits. It needs to be taped better, per code and for energy star certification. I DO want this addressed before the siding goes up.

4. At the back left of the house the gable where the trusses come up, on the freeze board, the last piece is already warped, sideways, and twisted.

5. There is a squeak on the top stair. He marked it.

So that's it. Those are what the inspector found. Most seem like they can be easily fixed. I think a few were a pretty big deal, but I am confident our PM will address each issue and am thankful it was only these few things and not anything too bad. =)

I emailed our PM the findings. He is out of town this weekend, but I expect to hear from him about it next week. Plus we have our pre-dry wall on Wed. Our inspector, his uncle, will try to be there, but he isn't sure he can make it. We'll see!

I have researched a lot of things to look for at a pre-drywall meeting. However a few of things found were not on my list and I would not have even known to check for them. Please people, if you can, higher an inspector before the drywall and siding goes up. It can only help!!

We're headed over this evening to check it all out. Maybe I can get some pre-drywall pics now. =)


  1. That is great that you were able to have your uncle with you during the walk through. It must be nice having someone in the family that can help out. Most of my husbands family are into construction but sadly they all live in Oregon but we do send pictures through email for them to look at. Your PM for sure will be on top of it and address those issues shortly when he gets back. It would be awesome if your uncle can be there during the pre-dry wall meeting. It is a good idea to take pictures of what is behind the wall that way you know what wirings are in place when you want to install or add something to your house down the road.

    Can you believe your house will be finished next month? The date is gonna creep up on you. :)

  2. Cool, those issues seem pretty minor, but are definitely things I would want addressed! I am adding those items to my check list, especially the morning room door seal. I do not want a draft in the winter or the elements messing up the floors or baseboards.

    I am definitely going to sacrifice a few hundred dollars to get an inspection, I agree it can only help! Thanks for all of this info! It is very helpful and wow, it wont be long before your custom built mini mansion is complete :)

  3. I think we are also going to get an inspector to check over every inch of our little MacMansion

  4. Good Idea BD!!

    Heard from my PM today. He said he has put off the siding until after our Pre-Drywall on Wed so we can that all the issues addressed at the inspection have been fixed! =) He is most awesome!!!

  5. Hey Noey hows it going, its Rocky. We have our pre-dry wall on Thursday too I am so excited. are you having an inspector come by with you for your pre-dry wall walk thru? I am also trying to get a hold of someone..

  6. Hey Rocky!! *waves to Rocky and his wife*

    Our inspector was hubby's uncle. He has some other things on his schedule but is going to do his best to be there. He did us a favor by coming out to inspect the house for us before the meeting. He's a custom home builder and stays really busy. We weren't sure he could do it. But thankful that he did. Let me see if I can a referral for you...

    J. said everything he found should be all fixed by our meeting tomorrow and then siding will go up! =)

  7. Awesome I am happy for you guys, I am glad things are going pretty smooth for you. I am looking for someone and I have a person in mind I just wasnt sure wether I should have the inspector come the day of the walk thru or before. I know there were some things that had to be fixed so I am hoping they did that as well. One thing that I told J. that I was still worried about was that drive way and the puddle of water. I also noticed a long crack in the kitchen slab so I wasnt to happy about that. Have you seen the inside of our home yet?

  8. Oh yeah!! We've been in. It looks like someone has dropped some things and left some holes in the cement around the refrigerator area. =/ You have crack in your foundation already? I would DEFINITELY get an inspector out there!!

    J. advised us to have the inspector come out before the meeting if possible so we could either discuss the problems at the meeting, or hopefully have them fixed by the meeting. But if he couldn't come until the day of, then so be it.

    Hey...make sure there is venting in the morning room! They forgot ours! Hope to see it fixed tomorrow.

    Let me know how it goes. I'm sorry you having so many issues. I hope they can do something about your driveway for you!

  9. Oh man Im glad you guys noticed that missing vent. I did see that our morning room did have one. Does your master bedroom only have one vent in there? mine only has one I wish it had two because its such a big room.

  10. I'll have to look tomorrow. I think I saw one in the CLOSET (the one ya'll had changed). *shrugs* I'll look tomorrow! =)