Monday, June 13, 2011

Opps! and Yay!!

So apparently I did NOT understand my PM's email last week. I wrote him back to see if I understood it all correctly. Glad I did. I learned I did not understand it. What's is wrong with me?

"The garage door is coming tomorrow. They ran short of siding but should be finish at the end of the week. Trim should be installed at the end of the week as well." (this is a direct quote from the e-mail) WOOHOO!!!

So we get to see it all before we leave for vacation! There are no words for how excited I am right now!! I'll be there a lot after hours this week to take pics. I have to get fill in before we go. Plus, if the trim is being installed inside, I'm about to be locked out. I have to get my "fix" while I can. lol

I'll have to limit my visits now. Our poor Ryan Rep is so busy. The last thing she is going to need is me there hassling her all the time to please please please let me in the house. After we get back, we'll have to keep it to once a week.

C. if you are out there and reading this, please know that I will try my hardest to only stop by and bother you to let me in the house once a week!

I wonder what my neighbor is going to do when they get locked out? They are there just about every day.

And, I just got closing scheduled!! We close at 1 PM on July 22nd! =) I don't think we'll have anyone to watch the kids. So my plan is to take them through a drive through and they can eat there. That will keep them some what pre-occupied during the closing. Told ya'll I would do something first thing this morning...this was it! We're good! =)

So anyway, that's my update. Should have some pics this week! =)


  1. Oh my , a scheduled closing date? CONGRATULATIONS !

  2. I am in the same boat as you! I will have to bring our daughter along for both occasions the pre-settlement walk through and our closing date so hopefully they both will go quickly. At least you will get your keys sometime after 1pm while I have to wait till 5pm!!!!! Ugh, and what makes the matter even worse is that at closing we do not go to our Ryan home community office but 45 minutes away to a main office to get our keys. Our house is nowhere near there. It is ridiculous but you got to to what you got to do in order to get the keys in your hands.

    That is good that you will see your new garage door tomorrow! :) we tested out our garage door opener the other day for the first time to see if it works and it DOES! I am quite thrilled about that.

  3. Noey, it's been forever since I've commented. Just wanted to say I'm so happy for you! You deserve this awesome house. So looking forward to watching the rest of the progress.

  4. Thanks ya'll.

    ATNS: Thanks! =) I'm excited!

    Stephanie: You mean we don't get the keys at closing? *gasp* I may have to talk to our Rep. and find out what we are suppose to do.

    KM: Hello Stranger! Glad to see you again! Aw,hon, thank you so much. *hugs*

  5. Hey Noey you're house is looking great, It is amazing how fast they are working. I think when we get locked out we are most likely going to be bothering Mrs C even Hows evertything going with your home experinece? I had some bumos but things are going well.

  6. You've had bumos? =( Oh no! I hope nothing too serious.

    Overall we've had a really great experience so far! =) Anything concerns we have had have been addressed quickly. And the few things the inspector found have also been addressed.

    I am a little worried about the siding. J. Says it should be complete by weeks end, they just ran out. But with the new supplier, I'm wondering about the "running out" part. Our siding was with the old supplier. I hope them "running out" is on a temporary thing and not a permanent on. Kinda biting my nails on this one.

    We've already set up the electricity for day of closing. Gas people told us we had to wait until the builder put in the meters, and we just got the applications for the water. So that should be set up sometime next week.

    I'm really am sorry to hear you have had some bad experiences. =( I LOVE your house!! It's beautiful!! No worried, I haven't gone in. lol But the outside is gorgeous! I love it!

    If I can do anything for ya'll, let me know!

  7. lol sorry I meant bumps. I should definitely start checking my typing before sending. lol I stopped by this weekend and I noticed that the mudroom wall was out of place. It was very uneven and noticeable it made the small entry look un even. I told J this morning and he was on top of things he said he just finished speaking with the framers to try to fix that. I am just glad that these things are being recognized and paid attention to before we finalize anything.

    I am sorry to hear about your siding, we were wondering why they left it like that. like you said I hope they dont try to make any changes on you. I'm sure they will make it right. You are more than welcome to take a walk in our home it is not a problem at all. I feel so bad whenever we go visit, I feel like the neighbors accross the street who are already living there think about how much we constantly stop by. lol

  8. Our realtor (a friend of mine) was their realtor too. She said they are very nice people. I saw the other day that they have a beautiful husky I think. My eldest yelled out the window to them that she loved their dog. lol They probably think we're weird. I'm at our house a lot too. =) Who knows maybe one of these days our paths will cross out there. lol I think our realtor said that he manages on of the local drugstores, but she couldn't remember which one.

    I have met the people, that if you are standing in our front yards looking across the street, there is that HUGE house back to the Ambercrest (what my family is looking to build). Well, I met him and his two boys. They are very nice. They moved down here from PA, and his mom runs Patriots Elementary up the road. Not the principal but OVER him. =) His boys were about our girls ages, 5 and 2 I think.
    I think his eldest was going to be 6 in July, but I can't remember for sure.

    I keep meeting men!! lol I can't wait to meet a wife! lol

    Sorry to hear about your wall!! Some drew a picture on our wall. Go figure. =/ I saw J. out there yesterday. Glad he caught it. He seems to try to stay on top of things. And he said he has 12 houses all together (under construction now or about to be) out there. WOW! He is busy. It's good to know he is trying to not let anything slip by.

    You guys are more than welcome to walk through our place too. Anytime! =)

    Let's hope there are no more major hiccups from here on out!