Sunday, June 26, 2011

WELCOME MS.RO, random stuff, and questions.

First of all... WELCOME  Ms.Ro!!!  I am can't wait to share your Ryan Journey with you!

That's her blog ya'll, if you want to follow!  She just signed today!  CONGRATS!!!

Also, I sent my Rep an email.  I felt HORRIBLE about pretty much yelling her via email about the fence thing.  I hope she accepts my apology.

I also found out,   I AM OLD!!!  Yup.  I'll be 34 in August, and I'm officially old.  Wanna know why?  I just found out the little girl I use to babysit is building right up the road from me...literally.  Can she really be old enough to be married and building a house?  Man, I'm old.  She was THE SWEETEST little girl.  Gorgeous too.  I think I ran into at the grocery store not to long ago.  Still absolutely beautiful.  And now, she is building in our neighborhood.  How is it I am this old already?

I found out she was building in there because my husband got talking to what ended up being her Dad at work the other night.  Go figure!  And now not only is my family looking to build in THE MILLS too, but hers is considering it as well.  lol  (background:  She and I lived in the same neighborhood when I babysat her.  And my family and hers still live there.  So now we all may be moving to the SAME neighborhood again.  lol)

I took my Mom and my MIL by my house for the first time yesterday.  Our Rep was busy so she gave us the key.  It was also the first time our toddler was IN the house too.  =)

My mom and MIL seem to really like it.   I was able to take my MIL to the model and show her.  But remember, my sister took my Mom without me.  So it meant A LOT to me to take her to MY house.  It meant a lot to me they were both there. 

My little girl seemed to really like it too.  We took her to what is to be her new room and she kept saying "Room!  Room!"  She was VERY happy in the that room!  lol

Can't wait for this week.  More trim work...electrical, plumbing and HVAC!!!  WOOHOO!  Hopefully by weeks end it will all be up and running and the carpet will start being installed.

Now some questions for you bloggers....

1.  When did they install your hall or hardwoods/laminate.  Our kitchen/bathrooms/laundry is done (vinyl).  They are suppose to start carpet this week, if all goes well.  But when should the wood laminate be put in the hall?  Any thoughts?

2.  I was told our appliances dropped on Friday.  Our microwave is up and the dishwasher is in a box in the den.  But no stove.  I'm not worried, but should I be?  I just kinda assumed it would come later.  It's not like they are going to give me the house with no stove (yes...we're suppose to get one).  lol  Just wanna check and make sure I'm not being to lax.  lol

Anyway, that's about it!  Hope ya'll have a great one!


  1. Thanks just made me feel ancient...if you are OLD at 34 in August then what am I since I will be 52 in August. Also, if your whole entire family and childhood neighborhood and Ms. Ro are moving into your new neighborhood then why would you need a monstor privacy fence...everyone will be one big happy family...just kidding..couldn't resist..actually on second thought, that is a darned good reason to put up a monstor fence.

  2. I wouldn't worry about the stove, I am sure they won't miss that. Is your kitchen floor in yet? They will put flooring underneath where the stove goes, but the part under the dishwasher they will not, so I think it is natural order to get the dishwasher first. When we went by last week our PM said they tried delivering the fridge that day but since the garage steps weren't in they took it back and will try again another day. I wouldn't fret...there could be many explanations for its whereabouts, and now that I think about it...our dishwasher and microwave were delivered first...

    And I won't be too far behind you...I'll be 34 in January. Go drink some'll forget all about it. :)

  3. You are FAR from ancient BD!!! I thought old was like 80, but somehow knowing the little girl I use to babysit is now old enough to build a home makes me feel old. lol

    Becky, Yes, my flooring is down. =) I just figured it was one of those things that happens later.

    Thanks ya'll!

  4. They did my hardwood last Monday, my dishwasher is my only appliance in so far! My carpet is still not installed! My chandeliers just went up Friday. Hope this helps, I close July 15! wouldnt worry.

  5. I was surprised he said if all goes well they were going to start the carpet end of the week this week. I honestly thought it was one of the last things they did. lol But I have noticed that things happen in different orders for all of us. As long as it all gets done, I guess it really doesn't matter what order it gets done in. lol