Sunday, June 5, 2011

Update on locking in a guess?

I emailed our Loan Officer tonight to let her know we were hoping to contact her by this weeks end to lock in a rate. We are waiting to see if the rate drops to 4.25. (yeah... I know...we're cutting it kinda close. We're about 47/46 days away from closing and have to lock in before 30 days)

She got back to me TONIGHT! WOW!! Didn't see that coming! Anyway, she said she'd email us rates every day. Really? Wow. She's AWESOME!! I just asked that she let us know if/when it drops to 4.25. Everyday just seems like it's a lot more work for her. But I'm not going to complain!

So the race is on. . . . which will get here first....our 30 day must lock-in date, or the 4.25% rate? I guess maybe all this HAVING to have patience has paid off some. I'm willing to wait this out! lol

Any bets? Guesses? lol


  1. See how things all work for good?! Yay!!!!

  2. Good Luck Girlie! You have to lock by 30 days? I thought you had up to 10 days before to lock?

  3. Again, we are NOT using NVR. We are using another company NVR found so we have to go by their rules. They also do not honor a lot of the interest rates when it comes to FHA.

    Example: When the rates fell to 4.36 (whatever it was) for FHA, we were told they only do quarter points for fha at their branch so it was and IS still 4.5%. Which stinks, but what are you going to do? So we are sitting and waiting....

  4. I had my loan officer email me everyday telling me the rates and the closing cost. It is their job and that is what they are getting paid to do. 30 days is coming up pretty awfully close. Wow, Noey they really make you wait for the results I think you are amazing how you can stay sane after all this waiting! You are the QUEEN of patience. :) Once 30 days kick in then you are one month away from getting a brand new house. How COOL is that!

  5. We are waiting on closing costs too. I guess underwriting needs to finish their job first?

    I'll be out of the country when I am suppose to start my official 30 day count down, but I'll do it when I get back. =)

    I have gone from day dreaming about our life there, to now feeling like I don't think I will ever be able to day dream how wonderful it's going to be. It really is going to be a dream come true! It still kinda all feels like a dream. You know? I don't think reality is going to really sit in for a while. lol

  6. The underwriting man I wish they would hurry up its even driving me crazy! You really got your fans hanging on to your every word just waiting and waiting and waiting!!!!!! :) We all are cheering you on. Its like watching a movie and eating popcorn.

    I was out of state when the 30 day countdown started and it was hard trying to get access to the blog. Instead, I was doing a 21 day countdown haha. Gonna love that.

    You are gonna have soooooo much fun on your vacation. I am soooo envious. I will be thinking of you and when you get back you are gonna have a super awesome tan! :)

  7. You and me both!! But it's still in processing! And probably will be until at least tomorrow. I am guessing they are going to wait until the 45 day mark to submit to make sure we're covered.

    I don't mean to make ya'll wait!! I'm just still waiting too! lol Can I have some that popcorn? lol

    I hope to have a blast on this vacation. I have never flown anywhere really. So a little nervous about that. But I can't beat a free vacation in the Bahamas! I'm Irish/ ... can you sale Pale as a ghost? Would love to come back rockin' a tan!

  8. OH...and thanks ya'll for the support! It's mean the world to me and more!

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  10. rate is now at 4.375% Hubby is gonna call and talk to her, he had some questions. He plans on telling her if it drops to 4.25% to go ahead and lock us in and let us know!