Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I took him

I took my hubby to the house tonight. He hasn't been there since the pre-con meeting and has lived vicariously through my photos. We drove up and had a roof, windows, doors, and a big ole' SOLD sign in the window (my favorite part!) Unfortunately, I forgot the SD card in the computer. SO when I grabbed the camera before we left, it did us no good. So no pics. We also had stairs today as well! =) We didn't venture up them because they were STILL WORKING in the house!! NO LIE!

My hubby was cute. He was worried about us being there. He was worried we should tell our Rep we were there. I told him she already knows all the people come "after hours" to see the houses and we start letting her know when we needed the keys. I just waved at the workers, admired my windows and such, did a quick walk-about on the first floor and exited. He walked around back and checked it out and slowly meandered in and came out the front door. That is going to cause a fight now, I can see it. I'll go into the issue btwn us and the front door when I get a good picture of it this weekend, so you'll understand.

DH did say that he liked the house and wanted pics of all the inside walls before drywall goes up. I told him that we would do that at the pre-dry wall meeting. He also had a question about something in the garage. I told him I think it had to do with the door, but he said he thought it was structural. I'll post a pic of that and ask ya'll about it too. Maybe my e-neighbors can help us on that one.

I was amazed at Rocky's house and all the progress there (my soon-to-be next door neighbor). And they were still working on his too. =) My plan is to go back out Friday. I may have to go Saturday if my mom wants to go. Not like I'd mind! lol My FIL wants to see it too. Hubby thinks maybe on Sunday we'll take him.

So no visit tomorrow. I am sticking by that one. Besides, with the workers there so late, I'd rather not anyway. I'll wait until this weekend when they are off work. lol I don't want to be in the way. And I can get some good pics then, so be prepared. =)

HEEHEE Hubby snapped this on his cell on our way out. No shingles but a black roof!


  1. Can't wait to see the pics! Whenever we would go on the weekend there were still people working. They seemed pretty oblivious to us though. I guess they are used to people taking pictures. A couple even talked to us or even smiled! :)

  2. Hi Noey. We just visited our house this evening. The house looked like it was closed, but I gave the garage door a tug, and sure enough, we were touring. We were upstairs when we heard someone coming through the garage. It was our PM. We're totally comfortable with him catching us prowling around now :^)

  3. Tell DH to relax ---its all good! I visited my house this evening. A few workers were in there and I was a tad hesitant. So I went to the window to take pictures from the outside. They were in the foyer and paying me NO I thought---welp, they don't have on hard hats and I'm going in. I spoke a little Espanol and kept it moving to snap my flicks and they kept going nailing and banging.

    Definitely get those pre-drywall flicks. Sometimes I feel like I don't need to capture some phases because its no big deal but in the end I will want to have a photographic account of every step!

  4. Not uncommon for workers to leave in the heat of the day (after lunch) and come back later in the evening to finish their hours.

  5. Thanks Anon! I think that's pretty darn smart of them. It's been in the 90's here all week!

  6. Geez Noey...looks to me like that sleeping worker on Monday woke up and got real busy!!!

  7. Hey, hows it going? I spoke with the workers yesterday and they were telling me that they have two crews that work throughout the day one starts at 6am to 6pm and then another one comes in at 9am to 9pm. They are working around the clock. They were happy to know that they are building a home for my family. They are good and very hard workers. My wife felt bad for them because of the heat and stuff, we would see a couple of them go to their truck to cool of and then come back. So I told my wife that I would stop by tomorrow to bring them some cold drinks for them. We also finally told my daughter (6yrs old) that the home that she sees being built belongs to our family. She was so we decided to let her know once they started the framing other wise she would not have believed us.

  8. Wow! I am sooooo amazed how fast your house went up!! Like really, really shocked! You seriously are at the same phase as me right now! Love your house! It is beautiful! S glad you husband finally got to see it! We go after 5 always and our workers are always gone. So easy to go in and look around.

  9. Aw Rocky!! How did she react when you told her?
    It's funny you mentioned the heat. I seriously considered bringing them pizza and beer! LOL Then I thought:
    1. I probable wouldn't get enough pizza
    2. or the right pizza
    3. And as good as the beer would be, I hate to have someone a little tipsy working on my house. lol So then I was at a loss.

    The workers just look at us, smiled and kept working and talking to each other (I don't speak spanish as much as I wish I did, outside of HOLA that Dora has taught me. =( ). But they seemed friendly, and definitely hard workers. We said hello, smiled, and let them be. I think I embarrassed by hubby a little. I was SOOOO impressed by the windows! One guy was still working on them. lol

    Wow...2 crews!!! Til 9!!! I told DH I was impressed with their hard work and he said they don't get paid until the job is done more than likely. And with how down the housing market has been lately, they more than likely are wanting the paycheck. Honestly, I don't care why they are working so hard, I am just blown away that they are!! God bless them!! Your house looked amazing!!

    MOMoftwins: LOL is scheduled for Friday. DH already called and asked our PM about codes and watching of the plumbers. LOL He got paranoid! Roofers are suppose to come Friday too. But we are suppose to get storms today and Friday. Not all day ones though, but still, I'm not sure...

    With it being a major holiday weekend, I am hoping the workers take an early day Friday and enjoy the weekend. I know we need out of here ASAP, but I'm not inhumane. They definitely have deserved some time off. lol Not expecting too much action Monday either with the holiday. But we'll see what J. (our most awesome PM) has to say tomorrow. Like I said, expecting them to enjoy the holiday. =)

    Oh, Rocky, thanks for the heads up and info!! Hope your wife is doing well! I can't imagine navigating a construction site in the heat and pregnant! (then again, I can't imagine letting it stop me either. lol) When are ya'll due?

  10. Love it...cant wait to see more pics. I stayed away from mine yesterday, but I'm sure I will make a visit today and this weekend.

  11. LOl BD!! It sure does!!

    ATNS: I am trying to stay away today and go tomorrow. But I may have to reverse that. Hubby is off tomorrow and he is so skidish about going out there... I may have to go today and Saturday. lol

  12. I guess no word about the loan yet?

  13. That does make sense that they take breaks during the extreme heat and come back later in the evening to work. We always go visit after 7, and nobody is ever there. But then again, our temps are in the 60's still. :)

  14. @ Becky: We go btwn 6 and 7 (usually about 6:30) and they are STILL there, God love 'em). WOW...60's? We have 90's! At least it's good for heating up all the pools that open this weekend (gotta find the silver lining, right? lol).

    @Anon: We could hear as early as tomorrow!! *fingers crossed* Ya'll keep your eyes peeled!